These Internet Tips Can Save You Money & Drastically Improve Your Speed (VIDEO)

In consumer news, the Monolithic Monopoly that is Time/Warner Cable is offering 100 mb speed for $50 in some markets across the country that coincidentally have Google as an internet provider. Isn’t competition grand?

For the rest of the country, you can purchase 20 mb speed for $40 plus tax and as of April 1st, $8 extra for the absolute slowest modem they can trick you into keeping. There is an additional $5 fee if the cable company supplies the slowest router imaginable to run your network.

Remember that the cable company is not interested in supplying you with good equipment that brings you the full spectrum of bandwidth that you are actually paying for. The principle method they use to throttle your internet speed is this abominable hunk of garbage that you are paying $13 a month now to slow your network down as much as possible.



After many years of producing cheaply-made Chinese combo modem/routers that failed with a frequency that finally pissed off the cable companies, Motorola engineered this extremely reliable yet ridiculously slow piece of crappola that is in millions of homes. This is the Volkswagen Beetle of internet equipment that the cable company charges Porsche prices for. The range is limited, the refresh rates are dismal and this will deliver all of your megabits in the slowest speeds possible. Using cable company equipment is akin to riding a horse on the Autobahn.

The thing is, now you can afford to drive an Internet Ferrari thanks to the unquenchable thirst for more revenue by Time/Warner. The first step is to head on over to Amazon and order a Motorola SURFboard modem. They range from $45 to $80 depending on the vendor. I found a returned model for $45 that was fulfilled by Amazon. But didn’t I just say Motorola made that POS above? Well Volkswagen makes Rolls Royces and this particular modem has across the board 5 star ratings. Think of this as the fuel line to your new Internet Ferrari and you will own this and save yourself $96 in rent just the first year you have it. Then it’s time to buy your Internet Ferrari.

For a mere $118, you can increase your internet speed and range exponentially. There are less expensive N routers by ASUS that will perform just as well minus the range extension of this model but this gives you the most bang for the buck. ASUS routers have won many Geek awards already for speed and reliability. I have had mine for 7 months and aside from a bit of discomfort setting it up at the beginning that was quickly fixed with a call to tech support, this router has performed magnificently, only this will never slow down or wear out (unless your dog is chewing on it).

This is a duel band, 2 channel router that is so fast you will hate the cable company that much more after you see it perform. It’s the difference between dial-up and a T-1 line. This router breaks up the signals between your home devices and assigns them specific channels that are often clogged by other routers broadcasting on the same channel near you. You won’t be bogged down with Netflix or Amazon Prime videos because the dual band will transmit the high volume of data needed to stream video on one channel at 5 megahertz and transmit your web use at 2.6 megahertz. The ASUS router also has 128 mb of RAM which stops that aggravating buffering message you get with a single band cable company router.

Think of a single band router as a fire hose and all of your devices siphon off the bandwidth from that which slows your network down to a crawl. The ASUS dual band 2 channel router is like hooking up a firehouse to each device where you can surf the internet at the speed you are actually paying for.  The range from this device is also vastly superior and there is even a better model that has an even larger range if you need to be 500 meters from your wifi.

This router also has a plug-in-play feature that will allow you to plug an external hard drive into it and create your own cloud service. Plug one in and you’re done.

For less than $200 you can surf the internet as it was meant to be used and you will save money in the long run by not paying the cable company to give you awful equipment.


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