In Keeping With Anti-Refugee Agenda, Trump Policy Adviser “Rejected” Positive Report

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Like a tenacious tick, Stephen Miller Trump’s senior policy adviser hangs on, influencing Trump on important issues like immigration, refugees, and foreign relations. It seems part of that influence is to “reject” a report that doesn’t agree with his worldview or make it easier to turn away refugees.

Stephen Miller remains in Trump’s administration, though other “Alt-right”/White Nationalist colleagues Stephen Bannon and Sebastian Gorka have lost their official White House jobs. They appear to be birds of a feather, Miller reportedly espoused white nationalist views since his High School years. One classmate now calls him “dangerous,” “radicalized,” and an “extreme nationalist”:

“Take him seriously and know that he is a dangerous person,” said Miller’s class-mate, Nick Silverman.

Miller continues on a racist and Nationalist trajectory, spearheading efforts like Trump’s Muslim/ Immigration ban, as well as Trump’s decision to make deep cuts to the number of refugees accepted into America. And, it seems to make sure the White House doesn’t have to explain away information that would hurt those goals.

The New York Times reported:

Trump administration officials, under pressure from the White House to provide a rationale for reducing the number of refugees allowed into the United States next year, rejected a study by the Department of Health and Human Services that found that refugees brought in $63 billion more in government revenues over the past decade than they cost.

The study contradicts the views of people like Miller, who want to maintain the narrative that refugees are costly and dangerous to national security. The leaked study showed they pay more in taxes than they consume in public benefits and that they take service industry jobs other Americans would rather not do.

Today this report is believed to have been suppressed as it never made it to the White House. Instead, White House officials called the positive findings “illegitimate and politically motivated.” They pointed to a final report indicating low-skilled refugees take more in government benefits than the average American.

As one would probably expect, an internal email showed that Miller requested a meeting to discuss the report.

The Times claims:

“Mr. Miller personally intervened in the discussions on the refugee cap to ensure that only the costs — not any fiscal benefit — of the program were considered, according to two people familiar with the talks.”

Stephen Miller was a policy adviser and communications director for Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, though Sessions, now the Attorney General of the United States, at least publically is not in Trump’s good graces anymore. Miller and Sessions together reportedly “almost single-handedly “ killed the 2013 bipartisan immigration-reform bill that would have created a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants.” That is the kind of man Miller is.

Considering Miller’s past, it’s no surprise that he is now advocating for drastic cuts –half or less of what the State Department and the Department of Defense have argued for, which is 50,000 refugees.

The real question here isn’t if refugees can contribute to American society, but why Trump thinks Stephen Miller can contribute anything positive to our multicultural society?

The other question remains: Why are he and Jeff Sessions still where they are in the first place?

When their actions appear to advance racism and the oppression of immigrants and minorities, why does Trump continue to say he’s not actually a white supremacist himself? It appears many people are more and more convinced that he, Jeff Sessions, and Stephen Miller, are just that.

Reports like this one, that would have undermined their desired results with facts they didn’t like, make it harder and harder to draw other conclusions.

Feature image: Stephen Miller via Wikipedia Commons

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