Steele Stands By The Famous Dossier, As We Learn His Sources Contributed Voluntarily

Christopher Steele

In an interview with The Guardian’s journalist, Luke Harding, who is writing a book about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, Christopher Steele stands by his famous Steele dossier. He believes it’s 70 – 90 percent accurate.

CNN also reports that Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the dossier has confirmed that Steele didn’t pay his sources. The sources voluntarily offered their services to Steele, which lends more credibility, as Republicans continue to focus on how they investigate Hillary Clinton instead.

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson reported on Steele during 7 hours of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Simpson reportedly said “nothing from the dossier had been disproven and some of it had been corroborated.” Simpson is regularly in contact with Steele, who has not been cooperative with congressional investigators. He has cooperated with the Mueller investigation this past summer after being ambushed by House Republican staffers who showed up at his lawyer’s office in England unexpectedly and without telling Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee in August.

Manu Raju, Congressional Correspondent for CNN, reported on the story:

“[…] Trump has called the whole dossier ‘a hoax.’ Steel tried to make the case that a lot of this has not been disproven. A lot of this has been corroborated and also saying, interestingly, that some of these sources, all of these sources cooperated with Steele voluntarily –that they were not paid for giving Steele information,” said Raju.

At least one of the sources for Steele’s dossier paid dearly indeed –with his life. An ex-KGB chief suspected of helping Steele is alleged to have been killed by the Kremlin in January 2017. His name was Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB general. Erovinkin was found dead in the back of his car and was an aide to Igor Sechin, the head of Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil company. Rosneft and Sechin are mentioned in the dossier.

A British newspaper, The Telegraph, reported on Erovinkin’s suspicious death, quoting a representative from a Bulgarian think tank:

Mr. Grozev, of Risk Management Lab, a think tank in Bulgaria, said: “I have no doubt that at the time Erovinkin died, Mr. Putin had Mr. Steele’s Trump dossier on his desk. He would – arguably – have known whether the alleged… story is based on fact or fiction.

“Whichever is true, he would have had a motive to seek – and find the mole… He would have had to conclude that Erovinkin was at least a person of interest.”

Certainly, Steele is aware that his own life could be in jeopardy, which would explain his hesitance to work with Congressional Republicans, who have displayed bias regarding the dossier’s findings, refusing to discuss Russia in their hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Steele’s dossier is not going away anytime soon. Testimony from Carter Page is reported to support key portions of the dossier, and new findings concerning money wired from Russian banks to embassies earmarked to “To finance election campaign of 2016” are more of the latest signs that Christopher Steele’s reputation will only become more renowned.

See the video from CNN below:

Featured image: Christopher Steele via YouTube

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