Shocking Video Shows St. Louis Cops Trampling Old Woman In The Street (Video)

A horrifying video from the scene shows St. Louis police knocking an older woman to the ground, then marching over her as though she wasn't there.

Protests erupted in St. Louis, Missouri on Friday after it was announced that a police officer who was charged with murder had been acquitted. Horrifying video from the scene shows St. Louis police officers trampling an old woman after knocking her down onto the pavement. The cops walk right over her without even acknowledging her as she cowers beneath their boots.

In the footage, you can see a woman with white hair wearing a long skirt and red shirt standing in the street as the line of police officers in riot gear begin marching forward. The cops, staring straight ahead, continue marching forward and spin the elderly woman off her feet, knocking her to the ground. Without even looking down to see if the woman they are trampling has been injured, they simply stomp their way over top of her.

Another woman comes forward to help her up, but the police shove her back and continue marching, with one officer even tripping as his heavy combat boots catch on the defenseless woman lying on the ground. All she can do while the police hose protesters down with pepper spray is curl up into a ball and hide her face in her hands.

The police leave the woman lying in the street for a moment before a few of them finally turn around and pick her up off the ground. They then pull her arms behind her back and place her in handcuffs. (You know, serving and protecting and all that jazz.)

When the protests finally came to an end late Friday night, a total of 32 people had been arrested and eleven officers injured, nine of them from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Although the protests had been largely peaceful during the day, tensions erupted as the night wore on and police responded with tear gas and flash bangs in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

Friday’s protests came after former St. Louis police Officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty of first-degree murder. Stockley had been charged after fatally shooting Anthony Lamar Smith, a black drug suspect, five times at close range. Prosecutors argued that not only had Stockley planted a gun on Smith, but he had also proven his intent when he told his partner Brian Bianchi that he was “Gonna kill this (expletive)” while they were chasing him.

Watch: St. Louis police caught on camera knocking woman down, then marching over her cowering body.

Featured image via video screenshot

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