Sean Spicer Refuses To Deny Trump Is Secretly Recording Conversations (VIDEO)

Controversy erupted this morning when Donald Trump sent out a tweet that harkened back to the Watergate era. Trump suggested that the conversations at a dinner with former FBI Director James Comey was recorded. Furthermore, the tweet came off as a not so veiled threat towards the former Director and strongly hinted that Comey should be intimidated from speaking out on his dealings with the President.

Of course, this was a major source of questions at the daily press briefing today with Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Reporters repeatedly tried to ask Spicer for more information on the tweet. They asked from every angle. They asked if Trump had any further comment — Spicer said the POTUS “had nothing to add” to the tweet. Others asked if Trump was recording during the dinner. Spicer refused to give a clear answer. Another reporter asked if Trump is taping anyone in the Oval Office or anywhere — Spicer balked over and over.

Spicer did deny that the President has asked anyone to sign a “loyalty pledge” to him as has been reported. Spicer also owned up to the fact that Trump had invited Comey to dinner instead of the other way around, as Trump claimed in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt just yesterday.

But on the “taping” of Comey or anyone else, Spicer refused to confirm or deny over and over.

Katy Tur described the situation as a “Credibility crisis.” (See video below …)

Earlier today, Comey commented on the tweet and stated that he has “no fears if the conversation was recorded saying that “if there is a tape, there’s nothing he is worried about” that could be on it.

The tweet came out this morning in a flurry of tweets where Trump not only made the threat to Comey but threatened to end all press briefings. Spicer also struggled to answer for that one as well.

Check out Spicer refusing to answer about the tweet about Comey and recording conversations below:

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