Spicer Is Leaving — All I Can Think Is “What About My SNL?!?!” (Video)

spicer podium mccarthy snl
Sean Spicer may leave, long live Melissa McCarthy

(Updated 7/21/2017) … According to multiple reports, Sean Spicer, the White House “spokesman” is stepping down from the podium. The White House will put a different face out there, one perhaps comfortable regurgitating the literal lies. One that is less likely to be upset when the “president” contradicts him immediately. But, none of that really matters, because with the track record of lies and contradictions — usually none of them Spicer’s fault, he just repeating what he is told to say — we can’t expect the next spox to be any more trustworthy than Spicer.

However, there will be one potential loss of epic proportions, Melissa McCarthy’s killer Sean Spicer impression will no longer be contemporary humor. In other words, the nation may have to mourn a loss to the sanity inducing Saturday Night Live. Sean Spicer may be leaving, but all I can think is, “no, not my SNL!”:

Her intense and spot-on satirization of Sean Spicer has lifted the spirits of the American people, she is a true gift in a really horrible point in our history:

It seems that the real loss to the American people will be in the comic relief that we have gotten through SNL. It figures,¬†seems Trump is taking as much from the American people as he can while continuing to blow smoke up his faithful’s… anyway. We are going to miss her, horribly.

Maybe they will do us all a favor and pick the new spokesman based on SNL talent? Most likely it will be SNL regular Aidy Bryant and her Sarah Huckabee Sanders impersonation — should be fun.

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube, altered

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