Legal Expert Discovered Something About Arpaio Pardon That Should Excite Liberals

While residents on the Texas coastline were dealing with a category 3 disaster in Hurricane Harvey, the rest of America was continued to deal with the category 5 disaster that is the Trump presidency. Although Trump had hinted at pardoning former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his Phoenix rant, he made it official this Friday.

Arpaio, a known civil rights abuser and racist, can now take comfort in knowing that he has a fellow racist and hater of the rule of law in the White House.

Both senators from Arizona expressed their dismay and disgust with Trump’s decision to pardon Arpaio:

While this pardon is a yet another reminder of how we have now become a third-world autocracy, we don’t all have to cry into our pipes and alcoholic beverages.

For example, one legal expert gave us something hopeful to think about with regards to the ramifications of Arpaio being pardoned.

We suspect Trump has never read the Constitution because his name isn’t in it, and therefore he has no interest in abiding by the fundamental underpinnings of our once cherished federal republic. Luckily, we have enough legal minds out there who prefer we live in a democracy, not the corporate autocratic nightmare Trump is creating. So while we were all screaming in horror at the pardon, he might have stumbled upon something juicy:

“Sheriff Joe Arpaio appears to have accepted a Presidential pardon. By doing so, he admits guilt for the crime for which he was convicted, ” tweeted legal scholar Paul Dickinson.

In essence, a pardon is forgiveness of the crime, not erasure of it. Consequently, this now opens the door to civil litigation. Trump probably thought he was just placating his hateful, uneducated and racist white voter base after firing neo-Nazi Steve Bannon, but he most certainly didn’t think about all the undesirable consequences of the pardon. If case you were wondering what a pardon is and how Arpaio isn’t out of the woods, feel free to click here 

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