SNL Opener: Trump Will Bring Back The Biggest Thickest Golden Stream Of Jobs (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin returned in the winter premiere of Saturday Night Live with his Donald Trump impression. This might have been his greatest performance yet on SNL.

Baldwin opened by talking about how his administration would be the greatest ever. he is making the best cabinet appointments and how excited he would be. He assured the audience this was all “really happening” and he would be the 45th President of the United States and two months later, Mike Pence would be the 46th.

Trump tried to avoid the questions about his questionable actions he is accused of involving hookers and pee. But after the dodges, Trump announced that he would;

“bring back a thick stream of jobs … the biggest, strongest and steadiest stream of jobs.” He then promised to literally “shower” the country in jobs. As he is a “whiz” at jobs. It is a “golden” opportunity. 

“Trump” then “bragged” about his “all-star” line-up including 3 Doors Down, Jackie “what’s her face” from America’s Got Talent. and the one Rockette with the least money in her savings. ut that’s not all, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawerence would all be appearing — courtesy of Madam Teuseau. 

After deflecting question’s about the “pee-pee” controversy, President-elect Trump talked about how he would be turning his businesses over to ‘Beavis and Butthead.’ In other words, his sons.

Then it was time for Trump to refuse questions from Buzzfeed — cause they are losers and he took their quiz — he’s a Joey, not a Rachel.  Then CNN, cause they are fake news. Last night he watched them and there was just some blonde spewing lies (Kellyanne Conway).

After being “prodded” to admit that Russia hacked the election, it was time for Vladamir Putin … err … Wolf Blitzer from CNN … asking if Trump was “really sure” it was Russia that hacked the election. “Wo;f” asked holding up a tape labeled “pee-pee video.” Naturally, Trump backed off.

The SNL clip is an instant classic and you can check it out below. Take a break and have a few laughs;

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights on NBC at 11:30 pm eastern time.

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