SNL: Melissa McCarthy’s “Spicer Bunny” Manages To Hilariously Offend Everyone (Video)

It wouldn’t be Easter without the Easter Bunny. It also wouldn’t be Saturday Night Live these days without Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant and hilarious Sean Spicer parody. Some know that Spicer used to play the Easter Bunny for the White House Easter Egg tradition during the Bush administration. So, of course, it makes perfect sense that McCarthy would spoof Spicer donning the Easter Bunny costume. (see video below …)

“Sean Cottontail” took the stage and wasted no time in ripping off the stuffy headgear telling the kids “Happy Easter” and subsequently telling them to get out of there. From there, comedy gold ensues.

“Don’t push me, I’m sweating my Easter Eggs off!” He began. “Spicer” then tried to apologize for his Hitler gaffe, even trying to admit to goofing about the “holocaust center” line, saying “Duh, I know that! I’m aware! I clearly meant to say concentration clubs!” He added that he wishes the media wouldn’t focus on every slur and lie he told.

After his bungled apology, time for a puppet show to explain Passover. In Spicey’s version, the Jewish people literally pass over “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dreidel” style. Like with his apology, Spicer Bunny manages to offend pretty much everyone by the time he’s done. Using Veggietales stuffed figures was a great touch in his presentation for so many reasons.

After messing up Easter as much as he messes up every press conference, he welcomes everyone to eat as much candy as they want, as this will probably be the last Easter. Why? Trump is going to bomb North Korea, probably.

One other clever “political” sketch was one about an ex-boyfriend (played by Fallon) trying to win back his girlfriend, played by Cecily Strong. Fallon does an elaborate song, featuring friends singing backup and a special shirt featuring Strong inside a heart. After his heartfelt effort, he asks her to marry him. Strong says no. He asks why? She tells him that he knows what he did, he dragged a man off an airplane!”

Strong then goes back to her date. She asks what he does … check out the video below for the answer:

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