The Simpsons “Analysis” Of Trump’s First 100 Days Will Make You Laugh, Cry Or Both (Video)

Nothing is truly part of our culture unless the Simpsons spoof it. Trump is no exception. In their latest promotional video, Springfield, USA’s favorite family send up 45’s “achievements” as only they can.

Opening with a “haunted castle” theme, we get to see Sean Spicer hung with a two-word suicide note that says simply — “I Quit!” This, as Kellyanne Conway refuses to take his job as she flees. Pay attention and you will catch Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner doing what they do best — fight.  But wait, there’s more …

We then move on to Trump himself in bed. He is, of course, stroking his HUGE — ego.

“One hundred days in office, so many accomplishments,” he muses to himself. “Lowered my golf handicap. My Twitter following increased by 700. And finally, we can shoot hibernating bears; my boys will love that.” Someone comes in and tells him he “needs to read a bill” that gives tax cuts — to Republicans only. Trump asks if Fox News can read it and tell him if it is any good. With that, Trump turns on his favorite news buddies.

At this point, one is wondering if this is a comedy or a documentary.

The last scene features Ivanka — as the newest Supreme Court Justice. She enters the screen as the announcer describes her robe and jewelry as if it was a pitch on QVC.  We won’t spoil who she replaces but we will say it is not a “natural” succession. Pay attention to the banner at the bottom to see where they won’t ship to.

After watching this great clip, we promise that you will laugh, cry or both. Despite all the gags, the Simpsons have a pretty good record of predicting Trump’s future including an episode where they actually predict the Trump presidency. Unfortunately, it is in the context of Lisa Simpson being President after Trump and being hamstrung by the “budget crisis” and empty oceans he created. Let us hope that those latter parts don’t come true.

There are plenty more jokes in the hilarious clip.  We haven’t even gotten to the scene with Marge, Homer, and Grandpa. Check it out below:

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