Are You Sick And Tired Of Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils?

Are you a member of the ever growing majority of American citizens who are absolutely sick and overwhelmingly tired of simply voting for the lesser of two evils, year after year, election after election? If you are among the many who will answer yes to this question, you will undoubtedly have an awakening of sorts before you finish reading the remaining text in this article. This awakening, however, is not of a physical nor of a spiritual nature, but rather an awakening of opening up of one’s own mind in its entirety.

I know this because this awakening of the mind is exactly what I experienced after learning of all of the information you are about to digest. The time for America to actually become ‘United’ is at our feet, all we need to do is tell the powers that be that ‘We the people’ have finally had enough by pledging to vote anonymous in 2016.

If you have Internet access and haven’t heard of the self proclaimed “hacktivists” more commonly known simply by the moniker of “Anonymous” I have to assume that wherever you live it is underneath a very large rock! The Vote Anonymous 2016 initiative is being backed by a brand new political party calling themselves “The Humanity Party.” The Humanity Party just like any other political party, has written its own preamble, as well as a complete party platform to let us all know exactly what it is that they stand for and against. The newly formed Humanity Party claims that they officially register themselves as an official American Political party so long as they receive a majority of the vote in the upcoming Presidential elections. At which point they will begin calling for the complete restructuring of the United States Government to actually be made up of, by, and for the people; eliminate State’s rights; create a new modernized U.S. Constitution; Create new laws that are the same for all citizens; drastically reduce the power and size of local police forces; apologize to all other foreign nations for the United States reign of terror and bullying on a global scale and several other equally important and vital issues plaguing the American people.

These may seem like lofty aspirations from a few, rogue, political fanatics, or at least this is what the oligarchy has been programming our minds to believe over the past 200 years or so. Think about it, how many people do you know who think our political system is somehow broken or outdated, regardless of political their affiliations? I personally know hundreds of Americans who think our system has been broken to one degree or another. If 0 percent of the population of Americans, personally know 50 registered voters who ascribe to this way of thinking than that is an awful lot of people who are essentially prepared to stop continually voting for the lesser of two evils presented as our only viable options by the establishment, and begin to vote for progress and change rather than Republicans or Democrats who are essentially whoring out their political voice to who ever’s political agenda will give them the most financial gains.

I have identified myself as an extremely far left liberal on most issues which either currently exist or haven arisen in American politics so far. Although, I, like most other people I know do not hold all of the ideals as my political affiliation suggests that I should. For me, this is where the Humanity party could, possibly, fit a much needed role within my lifetime. After reading their party’s proposed platform I can honestly say that every single bullet point is something that I have always held as one of my core beliefs. These beliefs, regardless of whether society currently views them as more liberal or conservative are finally being proposed as simply correct and logical. That fact in and of itself is completely amazing and insuring to the point that it prompted me to write this piece and use my reach to spread this message that we never need to simply settle, ever again if we as the majority, simply stand up together, right now.

The video below describes the vote anonymous initiative much better and more eloquently than I ever could hope to achieve and while it is rather long (in Internet time) at 22 minutes – it is well worth watching in its entirety because there is simply too much vital information to discuss in 5 or 10 minutes. So please earmark this webpage and remember to set aside half an hour of your time that you can commit yourself to watching this video, without any unforeseen interruptions or distractions and you will hopefully realize that we do not have to ever again feel forced to vote for someone we deem as evil by any definition of the word:

About Walter Pinkman 165 Articles
Walt is a grumpy, crochety, ball busting, bitter old son of a bitch - who at the ripe old age of 64 has had enough with the manner in which the G.O.P. has been treating the only nation that he calls home. Walt is a native New Yorker, retired long-line fisherman and therefore a bit rough around the edges, he is completely pissed off with the state of the American political circus that has been created by the right-wing.Last year Walter finally decided (against his better judgement) to begin voicing his brash and uncensored opinions across the vast expanse of the internet. Walter claims that his reason for getting involved in political commentary so late in life is that he has finally realized the fact that if he doesn't voice his opinion, he has no right to complain. If this writing stuff pans out decently, Walter's next order of business is retiring someplace "tropical with plenty of nude beaches" (thanx Walter, now I need to bleach that image from my brain)opin , blech!

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