Trump’s Other Favorite Sheriff Pwned By Twitter Over Kaepernick Attack

sheriff david clarke attacked colin kaepernick it didn't go well for him
Sheriff David Clarke and Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest systemic racism in America, something recognized throughout the world and denied only by racists and some Republicans. Sheriff David Clarke called Kaepernick an “opportunist” and intimated that he had done nothing else but protest for fame.

Clarke, who is famous for having people die in his jails, plagiarizing his thesis (which he claimed was a “formatting error” – 47 times), being a Fox News go-to contributor, and supporting Trump, attacked Kaepernick on twitter:

The burns began to roll in, as Clarke has literally become that guy in a glass house throwing stones, like this one from David Alan Grier:

You see, he isn’t just famous for all that listed above, he’s also famous for wearing a crapload of medals that make no sense (that just had to be mocked, too):

Kaepernick has paid not only the ultimate price for his “protest,” seeing as he isn’t a starter, or even a backup player, in the NFL anymore, but he has also donated some serious cash to real programs doing good things. (Go figure, a group of owners that closely resembles a good-old-boys club…)

While a few trolls were out in support of Clarke, the truth is on Kaepernick’s side:

You see, not only does he have a hell of a check writing hand to back up that silent knee, Kaepernick also puts himself into backing it, too.

What more? Well, that is even easier, seeing as one of those groups that Kaepernick helped out, by literally mentoring young people (even young black males, Clarke. You ready to eat these words yet?) so that they can help change the country:

According to Kaepernick’s website, Know Your Rights Camp is fully funded by him:

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS CAMP is a free campaign for youth fully funded by Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness on higher education, self empowerment, and instruction to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios.

And, Kaepernick has not confined his good works to just these kids, or just our country:

Know Your Rights Camp, where Kaepernick spent time with young black children and mentored them. Hmmm. Seems that Clarke needs to watch less Fox News, just like his favorite president.

While there was plenty of well-deserved mockery, like this one:

The point is that Sheriff David Clarke, who likes to run around in a cowboy hat and claim that people are whining and playing the race card, just attacked a black man for doing the right thing because he has such bad sources for information he thought that Kaepernick had somehow only done that single thing: taken a knee.

Let us put this in perspective, Kaepernick is 29-years-old and well on his way to donating a million dollars. He has the worlds attention, and has used it to quietly support, mentor, and provide funds to continue to provide needed education on rights to youth. He has reached out and fought famine, also, in another country. Clarke is 61-years-old and has managed to become a Fox News contributor, preside over a jail where people – even an infant – have died, and try to extinguish Kaepernick’s fire.

Just because Kaepernick’s protest forced an inconvenient truth back into the spotlight, one that any bad cop would rather be kept in the dark, Clarke attacked him and missed. Clarke needs to take a knee, too, to apologize sincerely for attacking a man who is actually doing something to make this country better, instead of trying to silence those who are willing to speak out for racial justice in the USA.

Anyone expect Clarke to stand up and say he now “knows [Kaepernick’s] sincerity?”

Featured image via Au Kirk, Wikimedia Commons and Gage Skidmore, Flikr, altered

*Article updated 9/18/2017 to give more information about Know Your Rights Camp

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