Seth Abramson Exposes ‘The Mayflower Scandal’ On Twitter

Mayflower Hotel

The Mayflower Hotel has been getting lots of attention today following a tweetstorm by reporter Seth Abramson. Considering how Trump took full advantage of WikiLeaks to leak info during the campaign, it seems like ultimate Karma that leaks from Seth Abramson on, of all platforms, Trump’s own favorite Twitter, seem to be connecting the dots between Trump and Russia today. This, as Devin Nunes seems to be obstructing justice by canceling open hearings this week.

Abramson has been tweeting “MEGA-THREADS” since the March 23rd up to today. If true, the information could lead to impeachment and/or “imprisonment territory” for U.S. high officials.

The first tweet: One of the first tweets in the epic storm summarizes what one might suspect given public information so far: Trump may have pursued oil contracts and other interests with Russia in exchange for meddling in the 2016 election in favor of Trump. Abramson’s tweets reveal key players and point out that they all share something in common: they either didn’t disclose or had “no recollection” of what took place there at what Abramson calls “Trump’s biggest-ever foreign policy event” in April of last year.

Below is a summary of some key players at the Mayflower meant to make it easier to follow, though you’ll definitely want to check it out yourself on Twitter.

Jeff Sessions,  84th Attorney General of the United States, who lied by omission about meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in his confirmation hearing.

Trump’s ex-manager Paul Manafort, who resigned following questions about why the Republican party platform had been changed to soften language on how the Republican party treated arms deals with Ukraine and Russia. The Washington Post revealed that Manafort laundered money indirectly from Russia.

Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager who was later fired by Trump and said to have had a clash for power with Manafort and Kushner.

Jared Kushner, senior advisor to his father-in-law, Trump, who seems to have conflicts of interest with the Chinese government and payoff on a New York Fifth Avenue skyscraper.

The Center for the National Interest (a conservative think tank with “ties to the Russian regime of President Vladimir Putin,” according to Politico) and advisor Richard Burt, former Reagan administration official turned lobbyist for a firm owned by the Russian government.

Bud McFarlane, another Reagan official. He was Reagan’s National Security Advisor. He resigned amid the Iran-Contra affair and made news for a later suicide attempt. Abramson calls him “one of America’s chief advocates for a bargain with Russia on oil access.”

The ever-present Russian Ambassador who seems to know everybody Trump knows: Sergey Kislyak.

Four key ambassadors from Russia, Italy, Singapore, and the Phillippines received exclusive invites.

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An oil deal made after selling 19.5% of Russia’s state oil company, Rosneft, with a cut for Trump:

Red Flags:

  1. Sessions was there but didn’t disclose this particular Kislyak meeting to Congress.
  2. The White House denied recollection of the VIPs at the event.
  3. Kislyak himself failed to disclose the meeting with Trump at the Mayflower.
  4. The dodgy Rosneft oil sale: public records of who bought the 19.5% are not available.
  5. Kislyak broke the diplomatic norm against attending campaign events to go to the Mayflower.

For those who think the Trump-Russian connections won’t lead to impeachment, Abramson unleashed another tweetstorm that attempts to prove otherwise. He outlines how Michael Flynn’s cooperative testimony to the FBI may point to securing a conviction of Trump, and states that Flynn “may have flipped on Trump” and that he may need around-the-clock security from the feds for his own protection as a witness.

But that’s not nearly all.

Abramson has also elaborated on the Steele intel dossier, and the hands that it passed through from the time of its initial release to now. We have learned that Putin has murdered the chief sources behind the dossier. Included in the murders is Oleg Erovinkin, an advisor to the head of Russia’s oil/gas company, Igor Sechin, and “go-between” for Putin. Sechin was identified in the dossier as offering Trump, via Carter Page, money from the sale of Rosneft in exchange for lifting sanctions on Russia.

Which brings us all to this:

Meanwhile, Abramson outlines how it looks like Steele’s own testimony may soon be aired for the public. The dossier has only gained credibility, despite the lies told by Trump and his allies. Hours ago, Abramson began a new tweetstorm identifying sources for the dossier, including an as-of-yet unknown “Source E” who, according to the dossier, can confirm collusion between Trump’s campaign and Putin himself.

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