Sessions Backs Comey: “His Recollection Is Consistent With My Recollection” (VIDEO)

Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions took the stage in an open session of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The subject surrounding the many contradictory stories and inconsistencies between former FBI Director, James Comey and Donald Trump as well as various questions concerning Mr. Comey and Sessions. It was a lot to unpack and each Senator was only given a limited amount of time to question Sessions. Vice Chairman Mark Warner spent his time verifying some of the things that Comey claimed last week in his testimony.

Warner asked Sessions about the meeting between Trump and Comey where the President forced everyone out of the room who wasn’t named James Comey. Sessions backed up Comey’s recollection, tho he didn’t comment about his “State of mind” concerning Comey’s claim that he was troubled about the request to clear the room. He later did state that he was one of the last people out of the room and did not make any efforts to correct Warner and his characterization.

Sessions also said that Comey did indeed come to him the next day. Again, however, the Attorney General was coyly vague about the details of the conversation. After Warner pressed some more, Comey did own up to say that Comey seemed “concerned” about being left alone with the President. He also backed him up saying that he agreed with Comey that they “should follow any DOJ guidelines.” In lawyer speak, that was as close as he would come to verifying Trump’s perceived adversary was speaking the truth about the infamous meeting. Sessions did decline to say that Comey flat out said the meeting was “improper” but then closed by saying that “his recollection was consistent with my recollection.”

Again, more lawyer speak, and open to interpretation — but Sessions wasn’t going to call Comey a liar. He knows better. He also wasn’t going to overtly throw his boss under the bus but left himself plenty of wiggle room, as it is easy to see.

Check out Warner, Sessions and their exchange below:

Later in the hearing to GOP Senator Roy Blunt, Sessions waffled, 1st saying Comey was inaccurate in his testimony, then immediately reversed himself in saying that “What he (Comey) testified to is perhaps the correct wording. I’m not sure exactly what he said, but I don’t dispute it” in referring to the “next-day” conversation between Sessions and Comey.

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