US Serviceman Launches Racist Screed On Facebook, Wants To Kill Black Folks In The Nation

His name is Kerry Dowding. He says he’s an Air Defense Command and Control operator at the U.S. Army Air Defense Command. He’s also a racist piece of trash thatĀ thinks that all black people are a ‘virus’ and honestly feels we should just kill them all to save the country.

Kerry went totally unhinged in a rant that’s been going viral on Facebook, with his thoughts regarding the outrage over recent executions of innocent, non-threatening black men by police in America.

This is what a racist looks like.


His full comments are below, in two portions:

Lemme guess. A “white cop” shot some “black kid” in the back when the kid wasn’t doing anything wrong to begin with, but we all know that’s just a bunch of bullshit and another way for those leeches to get what they want?

Then an equally stupid Facebook friend corrected him, saying that the victim was 40 years old and not a kid, but otherwise implied Kerry was correct. That’s where Kerry really got nasty.

Fucking pathetic, dude. I’m so tired of hearing this shit. Look, if ya don’t want to see White cops shooting Black wanna be thugs then the black community will have to stop their bullshit and act right. But we all know that’ll never happen and they’ll continue to blame society bc their ancestors were slaved. Give it up! We should be[shooting] them in the back all day. Would’ve saved this country. Hate to say that but it’s true. Gotta get rid of the virus.


Since everyone is saying it’s disrespectful to our military to take a knee during the National Anthem, does a racist military counteract that?

This is a perfect example of exactly what is wrong with society and exactly why people like Colin Kaepernick’s protest is required. Just this week we’ve had another spate of innocent and non-threatening black men murdered by police with nothing but apologism for the crimes and threats of violence and death coming against the protesters from the other side.

Since Kerry feels so strongly that there needs to be some kind of domestic war waged against people of color in America, maybe being a member of the army is not the best or safest job for him. I feel certain that if we helped share his words with the internet that someone would recognize his talent and find a suitable alternative means of employment that matches his skillset. Bouncer at a Klan meeting perhaps?

You can say that one person’s comments do not speak for the entire military, and that is true. You can also factually say that he isn’t the only one that feels this way, so to act like this is a lone case is disingenuous at best. This is why it’s so frightening to be a minority in America. You can get mistreated in every way possible, up to and including being murdered. Then, when the ones who survive speak out against it, they’re threatened with the same treatment.

It’s quite literally no different from the plantation days, except that this time it’s being televised.

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