Senate Republicans Are Taking One More Whack At Your Health Care

health care

In the wake of the failure dubbed “skinny repeal” that would have kicked 16 million Americans off their insurance, three Senate Republicans aren’t calling it quits just yet. Senators Graham, Heller, and Cassidy are putting forth a health care bill. But is it any different?

Andy Slavitt, former acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under President Obama says, “to be blunt, it’s a repackaged version of the same Senate bill.”

Slavitt goes on to detail several issues in the bill, some even worse than the previous version which failed to pass the Senate thanks to three unlikely heroes: Murkowski, Collins, and McCain.

Graham’s bill will gut the Medicaid expansion, premium tax credits, as well as cost sharing reductions. By 2027 Graham’s bill will completely do away with premium tax credits as well as completely end the Medicaid expansion stripping health care from millions of poor, working, and middle-class Americans.

Now, just how would this atrocity of a health care bill make it past the Senate when “skinny repeal” failed?

This is an interesting game of politics. To be clear, let’s take a look at an ABC report with the headline, “Republicans embrace tax hike targeting Democratic states:”

“Republicans aren’t usually big on raising taxes, but they’re really eager to eliminate the federal deduction for state and local taxes. Why? A look at the states that benefit the most from the tax break helps explain it — they are all Democratic strongholds. New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and California top the list of states where taxpayers get the biggest deductions. Not a single Republican-leaning state ranks in the top 10.”

Now, just what to do with all that extra coin? These blue states are, after all, some of the wealthiest in the nation. Slavitt says the extra cash could be used as a bribe to swing votes:

Of course, these non-expansion states that used the healthcare of their citizens for political gain will gain the most from a cash “bribe” like this. They aren’t losing funding that they denied their constituents and they are gaining revenue from blue states that are successfully run by Democrats. Win/win for conservatives who only wish to spit in the eye of liberals.

Not really a win when they go bankrupt fighting cancer but they would cut off their nose to spite their face if it pissed off a Democrat.

You might be asking yourself, “why would they do this? It’s immoral and surely political suicide.”

We have only to look at the purse strings of the Koch brothers cinched shut until Republicans pass health care repeal and tax “reform.” Republicans are scurrying like rats to do the bidding of their donors. And they don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process. It’s time to get back on the phone and start calling Senators again.

Here is a directory if you don’t already know your Senator’s phone number.

Make sure you call Murkowski, Collins, and McCain to help them reaffirm their position on saving the Affordable Care Act. They will be getting hit hard by lobbyists trying to take healthcare away from millions of Americans so the Koch brothers can get a tax cut.

Campaign finance means nothing if nobody wants to vote for you.

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