Sean Spicer Just Had A Real Bad Day At The Apple Store (VIDEO)

Apple Store Spicer

Every time Sean Spicer stands up in front of a camera in a room full of journalists, he can be seen twisting himself into a verbal pretzel trying to defend whatever absurd claim or accusation Trump might be levying at any given point. It would seem that Spicer’s day doesn’t just stop sucking as soon as he leaves work. Being in the public eye caught up with Spicey at the Apple Store over the weekend.

This video is very indicative of how many Americans are feeling about the Trump administration and it’s authoritarian and fascist overtones. Fascism has a long-standing history on this planet of being one of the most abhorrent political ideologies one can express. But just how is Trump a fascist? Well, let’s take a look and see if we can draw some parallels between policies and opinions expressed by The Donald now that he has passed his 50th day as President of the United States.

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching would be Trump’s ‘othering’ of minority groups in the U.S. Trump’s rhetoric has driven up hate crimes against Muslims or even those that might be mistaken for Muslim. Some Trump supporters have even taken it upon themselves to begin requesting immigration documents from people simply because they are brown.

Another facet would be Trump’s Muslim Ban. Even Charles Koch, a subverter of democracy if ever there was one, compared the ban to something Hitler would have done in Nazi Germany.

Trump has called the press the “enemy of the people” and, while confirming that what they are reporting on is, in fact legitimate, Trump insists that the reporting is fake. He insists that the press is lying about him even when evidence proves to the contrary. This is right out of the fascist handbook. Hitler coined the term “lügenpresse”, meaning “lying press”, to dissuade the German public from believing the reports about his egregious actions and propaganda.

Certainly, there are parallels and while Trump hasn’t begun killing millions of people and likely won’t, he is following the fascist handbook almost to the letter.

This brings us back to a woman’s anger and Sean Spicer hearing her roar at an Apple Store. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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