These New Plug-Ins Will Help Anyone Separate Fact From Fiction In The Trump Era

An icon for the RealDonaldContext plug-in and Philip Bump's dog with a Donald Trump dog toy

In June, Donald Trump stated he was ‘revoking’ the Washington Post’s press access at his campaign events because he says the newspaper is ‘phony and dishonest.’ The Post’s executive editor, Marty Baron, let it be known Trump’s actions were an attack on the free and independent press. Now, six months later, a Washington Post writer, Philip Bump has released a new plug-in specifically to fact-check Donald’s Twitter-tantrums.

Another plug-in is also available to calculate projected price increases on goods purchased online at Amazon or Walmart thanks to Donald’s likely trade policies.

Philip’s adorable dog makes regular appearances on his social media, were Mr. Bump regularly posts.

The two plug-ins are the ‘RealDonaldContext’ plug-in and ‘Add the Trump Tariff,’ both created by Philip Bump. He writes for the politics blog, The Fix. 

You’ll currently require Google Chrome to use these, though Philip is tweeting updates on his Twitter page.

How #Unpresidented is it that we need plug-ins now to contend with the climate of a Trump America, where facts aren’t facts anymore – if you are Trump supporter?

The description of the RealDonaldContext plug-in:

Adds context to Trump’s not-quite-accurate tweets.
Donald Trump’s primary means of communicating with the public is his Twitter account. Unfortunately, his tweets aren’t always entirely accurate, by mistake or by design.

The Washington Post’s Fix team has decided to help ensure that the public receives the most accurate possible information by creating this extension, which will add more context or corrections to things that Trump tweets.

Reviews have been mostly good. (& some are hilarious) See one not-so-funny example below:

One review for the RealDonaldContext plug-in

Another reviewer put it this way:

Never before I’ve seen a Western leader who lies so much as Mr Trump. So this extension will be extremely helpful. It probably won’t change the course of things, as it seems that the American population wants to be ruled by this untruthful man.
Still – being jeopardised too – I want to know the details.
Hunt down the lies & get him out of office asap.

We’ll look at the other plug-in and then some of Donald Trump’s Twitter posts using the RealDonaldContext plug-in.

The description of ‘Add the Trump Tariff’ plug-in:

Applies proposed Trump offshoring tax to products at Amazon and Walmart. Data from Public Citizen; extension by Washington Post.
Donald Trump has proposed addressing offshoring of American manufacturing by applying a 35 percent tariff to products that are then sold in the U.S. In other words, if Company X moves its clothing manufacturing to China, if those clothes are sold in the U.S., they’d be 35 percent more expensive.

There are a lot of ramifications that would stem from this, but one is that the price of things you buy would go up. We took offshoring data from Public Citizen and made an extension that will alert you at Amazon or if you are looking at a product that might be subject to the 35 percent increase.

Screenshot of the the Trump Tariff plug-in
Screenshot of the Trump Tariff plug-in

This plug-in will show the’ Trump Tariff’ on products like the Carrier Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units. Earlier this month, Trump was singing his own praises for stopping roughly a thousand jobs from the Indianapolis plant from moving to Mexico. In exchange, Trump offered tax and regulatory favors. Other companies will now wonder why they haven’t received the same favors from the taxpayers. Then there is Trump’s own blog post on the now-defunct Trump University website that actually advocated for outsourcing jobs.

Check out some of the Donald Trump’s recent Twitter posts below, with illumination from The Washington Post using the alarmingly necessary ‘RealDonaldContext’ plug-in:

Featured image: Flickr image by Philip Bump of Pup (CC BY-SA 2.0)





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