‘Laid off right before Christmas….I get the last laugh’ Former Employee Vows Epic Revenge


The ‘Laid off before Christmas’ horror story has been a glaring reality for millions of Americans across many industries over the years. Often they have no power due to weakening unions and “Right to Work” laws and they are left to break it to their families that Christmas is going to be a little tight this year.

It would appear that one particular employee may have been a bit too valuable as they claim on Imgur, an online image-sharing social media site.

The still unknown employee claims in a series of memes and  that they will cost their former employer upwards of 250 million dollars. All due to a kill switch they claim to have built into an automation application that helped improve efficiency.

 A Christmas Tale of Revenge

Below is the post that seems to be drawing so much attention.


They claim that they created this application in 2015.

“Happened this morning. I guess they thought things have been going so smoothly the last couple of months that they didn’t need me anymore. Thankfully I have a fair amount of savings so I should be okay for a few months.” They write.

They claim “the monetary loss is an estimate of production lost and work needed to reproduce what was created.”

If what they claim is true, it will  be an epic revenge we are sure to hear about.

No agreement or contract was signed giving legal permission for the company to use my application and source code. They do not have the source code, the only existing copies are on my personal computers at my home and were never introduced to the company environment. They have no legal ownership claim to the application or code or their use.

Edit for all the Armchair lawyers here:

1) The patent was filed, reviewed, and granted prior to the application being implemented at the company

2) At no time did I spend ANY time creating the source code or application at work or on a company owned device, or with company data.

3) there is no clause in my hiring contract stating company gets ownership of anything I create while employed by them. This contract has been reviewed and confirmed independently by two different attorneys

4)The source code was designed, tested, AND PATENTED with the kill switch programmed in.

5) The estimated $250 million loss is over the course of 6-10 months not all at once. and It’s based on loss of production and finding a way to fill the void left by the applications destruction. Likely having to hire a vendor to complete the work as that is what the automation eliminated.

6) In the granting of the bonus, there was no paperwork to be signed and there was no agreement verbal or written that the company had cart blanch to use the application.

7) To my knowledge the company does not know that the application has been patented in my name. This will likely be a rude awakening if they ever figure out why the app disappeared.

8) the company is a multi-million dollar company, but they are not well known. it is an industry that few thinking about or notice on a daily basis. D-day is 12/16 as requested.

Updates will be provided, however as mentioned about the company likely wont notice the issue until 2017 due to the holiday season.

Edit 2: For those sending me PM’s asking for the industry or company name you’re wasting your time. I will not reveal that information.

While wishing to remain anonymous is quite understandable when needing to get this kind of information off your chest and share a chuckle with your fellow working stiffs, it leaves many wondering at the legitimacy of the claims made. If true, only time will tell.

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