Scaramucci Says Trump Isn’t Elite Because — “Cheeseburgers” (Video)

Anthony Scaramucci seems to be everywhere on the News and in The White House making statements and threatening career staff.  On Wednesday, the newly appointed White House Communications Director gave his first interview to the BBC, long regarded as being a source of journalistic integrity. The reporter asked Scaramucci to explain how Donald Trump wasn’t an elite. A simple question — and one “The Mooch” couldn’t actually answer. (See video below …)

“What part of Donald Trump is not elite? The business side, the politics side, the inheritance side?” BBC reporter Emily Maitlis asked. This is how Scaramucci answered:

“Oh my god, there’s so many things about the president. How about the cheeseburgers, how about the pizzas that we eat?” Scaramucci replied.

“Everyone eats cheeseburgers, pizzas, what are you talking about?” the reporter fired back.

Clearly losing the narrative, the “Mooch” launched into the typical Trumpian tactic of attacking Maitlis and accusing her of being “an elite.”

That’s right — The billionaire who inherited millions and lives in a literal gold tower with a trophy wife (his 3rd) and walks around with a scowl on his face and his nose in the air isn’t an elite, according to Scaramucci — the middle-class reporter is the real elite. It was surprising that Scaramucci didn’t ask her to produce receipts from all the cheeseburgers and pizzas she has eaten in her life to prove otherwise.

Mooch then tried to contend that Trump was both elite and “everyman.” That didn’t go well either.

Scaramucci doesn’t even officially take over the post until his Wall Street hedge fund business is sold off to Chinese interests. A sale that is drawing controversy of its own. But even before he is officially sworn in, he has managed to reduce the already embattled Trump administration to even lower levels than they were at before. For a “Communications Director” one might argue that his communications skills are not quite up to the task.

Check out the full exchange between Emily Maitlis and Anthony Scaramucci below:


Featured image via screen capture from Twitter. 

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