**Scam Alert** Do NOT Fall For The PW Scam — Have You Already?

There is a high volume scam on the prowl, and you may already have given your freedom away. Yes, you read that right — your freedom. First your money and then your right to choose. Finally you will die, just like those that aren’t suckered in, only with less life lived to show for it.

The scam is called “Pascall’s Wager”, though they never really call it that outside of philosophical circles – they simply say what if… What if there really is a god? What if God is real but you didn’t choose him, and every Sunday he is getting madder and madder! The choice you are given is this: you can live you life as you choose, give what you have to give to whom and how you wish, speak as you wish, be free to live your best life and support those whom you agree with – but only for your infinitesimally short life span or the alternative. What is the alternative? Well, if you choose to live your way then you will go to hell they say. For ETERNITY they say. In PAIN they say.

The alternative is to give up that freedom in the supplication to the Bible and God.

You ask, but what proof is offered that this god, even if I choose a pious and chaste life, actually exists?

They chuckle. “Now, what if God isn’t real?” they ask you, “What will you have lost by living a virtuous and noble life in God’s service?”

The truth is that they will then assure you that in exchange for 10 percent of your income and the complete surrender of your freedom to Christ, living a good life following his commands, you are covered. Although nothing *may* seem to happen in this life.

(HUH, what?!?, you say, NOTHING?)

No worries! You see, the worse your life is, the poorer you are and the more destitute, desperate and painful, the bigger and better your reward when you die.

Well, folks, the mark of a fine con man, one that can sell ice to an Inuit, is this – talking up the pros to a purchase, glossing the cons, and then convincing you that it can only fail if you fuck it up. You just need to pray harder, give more, be better, think less, and give up living your short lifespan for the betterment of your family, planet, and what feels fulfilling. Then they sing, rock and begin to partially hypnotize people by the rhythm and triggering the “monkey see, monkey do” side of our brains. When that happens there is a rush of serotonin,  and you “feel God”. Feel God, to whom’s flock you have now given the reigns. Kinda.

Why do I say kinda? Well, they sweeten the pot a bit after a while, you see, people are gonna sin. When you make masturbation and natural human sex drives sinful it guarantees it. Oh, along with being a little lazy, not being clean (dirty people get sick more often due to germs… not gods), eating for pleasure, desiring to have sex, longing for what you don’t have, being proud of yourself, wearing mixed fabrics, and eating bacon all sinful you have covered the bases on human drives. TADAA!!! Forgiveness!

Now you do not have to live by the moral code you expect others to live by, because you are forgiven.

You get to sin all week and ask for forgiveness on Saturday or Sunday then repeat the cycle. All the while feeling superior (which is somehow not pride?) to those who are living an honest life the best they can without the Do-Over card.

Oh, and then they sweeten it again — it isn’t just you.

They tell you that you were created in your mother’s womb, perfect and god’s child. Then the act of traveling down your sinful mother’s vagina somehow magically makes you born into sin, imperfect, unworthy and ruled by a sinful nature. That is a woman’s fault too by the way — the whole ‘apple’ thing. So now you have to start bringing your kids to Sunday School because how else will they ever know how bad, worthless and sinful they are? Once they learn that, and have broken down their natural “I’m pretty great, because my parents are, and I am like them” they will flock to the Lord, who may or may not save/bless/take care of/protect them for how ever long they live. As long as they are ashamed of being human and doing the right thing they will be fine!

They may be unhappy, unfulfilled, and struggling against their own nature but, they will go to heaven right?

Ok, now more of this is making sense, more is seeming to work, right? All you have to do is despise yourself for natural instincts and desires, hate other’s sin and be a hypocrite.

Then you think to yourself — “well, what if there is not a god?”, yet now you are conditioned to fear and now it is easier just to play along. Besides you are covered, for the low price of your freedom, in case there is.

The entire scam is simple, if you have some doubt about whether or not there is a god, you must pick the one you are most afraid of the consequences of not believing in. The secondary problem it causes? It makes morality based on a text that is outdated, contradictory, and remanufactured by every generation of Christian up to King James and beyond.

I don’t profess to know enough to rule out some creature with god like abilities, or Stewie from The Family Guy causing the Big Bang. However the fact is that by what we can see and test that creature either doesn’t exist, doesn’t know, or doesn’t care about us. Besides, there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of some form of deity, but I am damn sure no loving god made this planet. Any god that first warns he is the only way to a happy life, and then doesn’t even promise one, is not loving. Any god that promises when you die you will get an awesome prize that you have never seen, based on the amount of pain you live through, and never has to prove it… well; seems that isn’t a god, it’s a conman.

Finally, what god thinks: why not break off a hunk of yourself that is you, then make a woman carry it for 9 months and call it both you and your son. Make a bunch of people love him and then kill him off to fix the sin problem that you created in the first place to save humans from the consequences you made for them not loving you. Then allow them the choice to love you or go there…

Now, notice that the scam never claims proof of the existence of God, only the fact that he might, and if he does and you aren’t his you are fucked. It is a fear based motivator to control populations and make money for the elite.

You give all, may get something out of it, but will be punished if you mess up. Oh, and you will mess up, because you are human.

Sounds like an abusive relationship to me, really.

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