Samantha Bee Returns To Take Up The Cause Of Oppressed White People (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee has been on a hiatus since last month. Fortunately, she has returned. Her return is just in time, apparently. There are white people in America who feel ‘oppressed’ and need her voice. The queen of political snark is, of course, happy to oblige.

After some one-liners outlining the ridiculousness of the notion that white people have ever been systematically discriminated against, Bee focused on a recent incident involving a former American Idol winner, Bo Bice.

Bice was in a Popeye’s restaurant recently and apparently was offended by the ‘racial slur’ of being called a ‘white boy.’ This was offensive to a guy who sings a song called ‘Dark-Skinned Girl.’ Seemingly, it is fine for Bo to identify people by their skin color, but not others. Maybe it was that they used the term ‘boy?’ You know, like the opposite of the word ‘girl’ that he uses in a song for a woman who is supposed to be an equal partner.

No, Bice is a MAN. A man who had a Facebook meltdown, wrongly identified a Popeye’s employee and called them a racist, tagged a local news station to garner more attention, demanding an apology, threatening legal action and riling up all kinds of white people over this ‘outrage.’  As Bee put it, ‘what we on white Facebook call starting a dialogue.’

Bice did get an apology from Popeye’s. He got it from Mack Wilborn, who owns Popeye’s. Wilborn grew up in rural Arkansas where schools weren’t even desegregated until 1970. That’s right, the guy who actually experienced systemic racism had to apologize to the guy fabricating it in a hypocritical manner.

The Full Frontal host made one more point about Bice. She was confident he wasn’t the victim of systemic racism because he’s 41 and experiencing this ‘racism’ for the first time.

Bee then moved on to Mike Huckabee ridiculously defending Bice. Huckabee tried to use alleged Popeye’s employees calling him ‘darling, sweetie, or honey’ not as ‘endearing’ terms but terms of sexual harassment. As if …

Finally, Bee, in the clip below, finishes by looking in on Fox News’s take on the whole thing. They flash a definition of ‘white fragility’ on the screen only to have the panel feign ignorance as to it’s meaning. Bee, of course, tears that to shreds in seconds.

There’s more, and a whole lot of hilarious snark in her delivery. All in ‘good fun.’ Check it out below;

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is now on Wednesdays at 10:30 pm. eastern time. Previously, it was on Monday nights.

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