Samantha Bee Finds The #Resistance Does Everything Great — Except For One Thing (Video)

Samantha Bee came back this week on her show “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” (Wed nights at 10:30 eastern time on TBS) with a report on the #resistance movement. What she found is that they do so many things really well. For example, their marching skills are fantastic. Their ability to protest at airports is amazing. Their ability to spell, particularly on protest signs, far exceeds the tea party. And their arts and crafts skills, including crochet, are simply unmatched.

There is one thing the movement isn’t so great at, however. Something that most people who are serious about change and progress find to be slightly more important than marching, protesting, spelling and crochet.


Since the 2016 POTUS election in November, progressives and Democrats have had a few opportunities to begin to turn the tide of GOP dominance where it mattered. Unfortunately, in all but one contest, they have failed. In Louisiana, Democrats had an opportunity to pick up a Senate seat and make the GOP / Democrat split 51-49. They failed and yet another Republican was elected. Voter turnout was abysmal. Out in Los Angeles, Democrats failed to show up (the turnout was a mere 12 percent) after an estimated three-quarters of a million came out a few weeks ago for the women’s march.

In Minnesota, Democrats had a chance to flip another legislative seat. After all the votes were tallied, Democrats celebrated the results. They celebrated a great victory, right? No, they lost — just by less than they thought they would. #participationtrophy.

Bee points out that there will be more opportunities for voters to show up in the near future. Other special elections and primaries that could elect more Democrats. In Witchita, they can vote for James Thompson. Voters in South Carolina’s 5th district can vote for Archie Parnell. In Montana, progressive candidate Rob Quist could be the state’s only Congressman if, as Bee snarkily puts it — “if 6 or 7 of you get out to vote.”

Bee also makes mention of Georgia’s 5th district, which has been trending towards the left in recent years as another prime opportunity to begin to flip the script with John Ossoff as the candidate.

Democrats did have one victory. In Delaware where Stephanie Hanson handily won a special election that kept a Democratic majority in that state’s Senate. Bee discounts that victory as one in a small already blue state where they practically worship Joe Biden as a God. And as a resident of that state, I can verify that yes, people do love Joe unconditionally here and that the contest was never really in serious question despite gobs of money thrown at it by both sides.

Bee points out the disconnect that many on the left have between shouting their opinions at a march vs actually showing up to vote. She reminds viewers that unless the Democrats can flip at least one of the houses of Congress, that none of the things they want to do will be possible.

And she is 100 percent correct.

Check out Bee’s spot-on and humorous diatribe below;

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