Samantha Bee Shreds Any Illusions Of Paul Ryan Having Any Moral Backbone (Video)

Samantha Bee returned this week on a mission. That mission was to disassemble any remaining illusions that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R- WI) has any moral scruples at all. To do this, Bee starts with the fact that those close to Ryan, his classmates from high school, voted him “biggest brown noser” back in his school days. In reviewing some film over the campaign and since the campaign, it seems Ryan has lived up to the old adage that a “leopard cannot change his spots.”

Bee draws some parallels between Trump’s love of “loyalty” in those around him and how Ryan has played to it — still the brown-noser he was in high school, according to Bee. Though, as she notes, these days his nose is more orange than brown.

She shows how Ryan has gotten quite adept at playing dumb when it’s convenient. She also shows how he’s also pretty good at walking the fine, yet somewhat blurry line of condemning things that Trump does without condemning the man himself. For all that, the GOP has dubbed him the “conscience” and the “intellectual leader” of the party. Which, as Bee points out, is like calling Moe the “smart stooge.”

Unfortunately for Ryan, Bee is pretty adept at showing his hypocrisies. For example, after condemning Trump’s racist statements, he went and endorsed Trump (in Wisconsin’s 9th largest newspaper). Bee says that watching Ryan’s faux surprises when such racism emerges is like watching Taylor Swift look surprised at an awards show.

At the end of the day, though, Ryan is just a tool for Grover Norquist’s plans to eliminate taxes and give the rich free reign over everything. Meanwhile, more hypocrisies and “brown-nosing” — like condemning Trump’s “Muslim ban” while praising it in the next breath. Unfortunately for America, Ryan is the guy who would be the one who would be needed to actually draw up articles of impeachment against Trump, should it be necessary. Bee is unoptimistic, to say the least, that such a thing would ever happen.

Of course, Samantha Bee has tons of humor and snark while making some excellent and sometimes scary points. Check out the full clip below;

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