Russian ‘Smoke’ Doesn’t Matter, Not When The White House Is On Fire

white house on fire
Trump has committed 17 impeachable offenses, in the last week

Keith Olbermann spoke out with a list of 17 impeachable offenses that Trump has committed in the public eye. The caveat, these 17 are just in the last week. Not from the beginning of his seemingly ill-fated term in our White House. Just in the last 7 days. Olbermann explained that it no longer matters that the “Russia” issues have such billowing smoke it is hard to look away, how can that matter anymore, when “the White House is on fire.”

Do you know all 17, and did you know that each of these has one or more separate, chargeable offenses?

We all know by now that Trump decided, on purpose, to reveal highly classified information about which he had not been briefed of the source, to Russian officials in the oval office. This has been confirmed by H.R. McMasters, not only in his original statement but in his live statement on Tuesday. Oh, and by Trump, himself. The president of the United States purposefully gave the Russians information that was not for public consumption, period, despite it being legal for him to do so.

This is not a crime, it is an outrageously ignorant, asinine, stupid, and incautious action by a man who we aren’t even sure is completely sane or not senile.

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But, it isn’t illegal, in fact, it is his right to do this his NSA McMasters drove home the term “wholly appropriate,” though that can be read “legal,” not “right.” And if he was sane, and not a danger, it would be something that we trust our president to determine — with this man, we can’t.

However, there have been chargeable things, that make the entire Russia scandal not about Russia at all. It is now all about cover-ups, intimidation, conspiracy, and witness tampering. It is now about “tapes” and firing people who won’t give loyalty oaths (how many have, this forces any thinking American to wonder, given that oath to Trump?).

Each of these actions is impeachable, many were actually listed in Nixon’s articles of impeachment. Take less than 10 minutes, and count them off — 17 reasons that Russia no longer matters because the man in our White House has made it about him:

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons, Cezary paltered, CC 2.0

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