Another Russian Identified — Don Jr Lied, Again.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. went on Sean Hannity’s show and promised that he had been “totally transparent” about his meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya in June of 2016. Hannity and Trump Jr. were adamant that “this was everything” and there was nothing more to reveal.

Well, it turns out … there’s more.

Now we have learned that there has been another person identified as being at the meeting. Rinat Akhmetshin confirmed his participation to The Associated Press.

Who is Akhmetshin? Well, that depends on who you ask. If you ask Trump’s lawyer, he might as well have been some random guy walking the streets of New York.

Alan Futerfas (Doanld Trump Jr.’s attorney) said he has talked with that individual. “He is a U.S. citizen. He told me specifically he was not working for the Russian government, and in fact laughed when I asked him that question.”

If you speak to anyone else, they might not be laughing so much. In fact, if you speak to Akhmetshin himself, he even admits to being a “former intelligence officer.”

Then there’s this:

William Browder, the founder of the investment advisory firm Hermitage Capital who spearheaded the Magnitsky Act after his death, told Business Insider that there was “only one person” who fit the profile described by NBC.

Browder added that Akhmetshin’s presence was highly significant.

“In the world of Russian intelligence, there is no such thing as a ‘former intelligence officer,'” he said. “So, in my opinion, you had a member of Putin’s secret police directly meeting with the son of the future next president of the United States asking to change US sanctions policy crucial to Putin.”

If all this wasn’t enough, Trump’s lawyer has now admitted a sixth person was in the room as well. Allegedly, an interpreter. We say “allegedly” for a couple of reasons. First, the stories around this meeting have changed now at least four times since they were revealed just last week. Initially, this meeting was supposedly all about helping poor orphans. Then, Donald Trump Jr’s story has changed multiple times as press reports revealed the true motive of the meeting was about gathering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and that the dirt was at least represented as coming from the Kremlin.

Also, we know that both Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin speak very fluent English.  Who exactly was this person interpreting for?

In any case, the stories around this meeting have changed once again and more Russian intelligence contacts were present. While more details are not known at this time, it’s not exactly a stretch to think that a Russian Intelligence veteran is not going to show up at a meeting with three of the most significant people in the Trump campaign by accident or coincidence.


Featured image via the daily dot. 




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