Report Says Trump Is Cursing Out Staff And Losing It And It’s Wonderful

trump yelling
trump yelling

The category 5 sh*t storm that has been the Trump presidency so far is not just in a downward spiral, it’s circling the drain. The abrupt firing of FBI director Comey has created political tumults that haven’t been felt since Watergate, and the situation inside the Trump circle is growing more contentious by the day.

Ron Cooper, the respected chairman of the Democratic Coalition,  says his White House sources are saying  “Trump is cursing up a storm – ranting and raving. Yelling at staffers & using the “F” word. He’s losing it tonight.”

Jon Cooper is tweeting that Trump is screaming at his White House staffers and cursing them out as he slips further and further into the political abyss, especially after the Comey firing.

This all comes amid news that Robert Mueller, a former FBI chief who garners respect by both parties, was named Special Counsel in thew Russia Probe, as well as Trump’s first (and hopefully last) oversea trip. Trump has never taken responsibility for anything in his entire lying life and he doesn’t appear to be starting now at the age of 70. Reports show that he’s even chewed out his son-in-law and “secretary of everything” Jared Kushner. And as evidence keeps piling up and subpoenas fly is it really and wonder that 45 is throwing tantrums every day since the Comey firing.

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