Roger Stone Calls For Firing Of Gary Cohn For Repudiating White Supremacists

Roger Stone, Gary Cohn

The White House economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said in an interview that he felt “enormous pressure” to resign in protest of Donald Trump’s handling of the “Unite the Right” white supremacist/nationalist, Alt-Right, Nazi rally in Charlottesville on August. Now Cohn is being attacked by Trump’s personal friend and past campaign advisor, Roger Stone.

The Washington Post reported that Cohn’s confidants described him as “deeply anguished and angry over Trump’s equivocal responses to the Charlottesville violence.” Cohn openly criticized the administration in an interview: “This administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities,” Cohn said.

The Jewish former Goldman Sachs president, now a senior White House official and one of Trump’s closest advisers, goes on the record – publicly standing against Trump’s Charlottesville comments. This stance comes as Trump considers making him one of “the world’s most powerful central bankers” by potentially nominating Cohn for chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Cohn’s resignation would be a huge blow to Trump’s already limping agenda, having just failed to repeal Obamacare. Without Cohn, Trump’s plans for the economy, including tax cuts, would falter.

The crippling effect Cohn’s resignation would have on Trump’s administration doesn’t seem to matter one bit to Roger Stone.

Stone tweeted:

“Gary Cohen,recommended [sic] for his White House job by Jared Kushner, should be fired immediately for his public attack on the president.”

An investigative reporter at the Center for Public Integrity, Christina Wilkie, remarked,

“Trump’s id has spoken, and said just what you thought it would.”

Trump’s “id,” Stone, is known for his wildly erratic, vulgar, and violent language, and is also a veteran GOP strategist. This week he told TMZ that “any attempt to impeach President Trump would cause violence like America has never seen before—and any politician who voted for it would “endanger their own life. ”

Stone, Trump’s personal friend mind you, threatened a “spasm of violence–an insurrection–in this country like you have never seen before…Both sides are heavily armed, my friend,” he told TMZ. The irony of referencing “both sides” may be lost on Stone, considering that a large part of the criticism Trump faces is due to morally equating Nazi sympathizers to an imaginary “alt-left” with the words, “many sides.”

Stone regularly appears with the conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones on Infowars, where he recently claimed that Republicans may seek to remove Trump from office by “claiming that he’s insane.” Stone asserts, “He’s not crazy. He’s a genius,” to which Jones replied “If that’s insane, we need more of it.”

Actually, what we need more of is the resolve of people like Gary Cohn, who stands out among White House officials for having the nerve to state what is obviously wrong with Trump and his supporter’s acquiescence or even support of Nazis in 2017. As for Roger Stone, this may seem like a liberal conspiracy, but in reality, it’s just human decency and logic. In the end, that is what must prevail in America, even with an increasingly unstable and unpopular Trump in the White House.

Featured image: Gary Cohn via Wikimedia Commons with screenshot of Stone via YouTube


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