Roger Ailes Quits Fox News Over Sex Scandal, Rupert Murdock Takes Over

Allegations of sexual harassment against Fox News chief Roger Ailes, has led to his resignation on Thursday, and will undoubtedly lead to some big changes at the home of right wing bullshit. The first is the somewhat surprising news that Australian bred, media mogul owner Rupert Murdock will be taking over the reins at Fox News.

Whether or not the changes will bring any relief to the constant barrage of Fox News fear mongering and misinformation is yet to be seen.

fear mongering

Murdock has survived his own slew of scandals in his quest to make money by blurring the lines between entertainment, sensationalized ‘news’ and invasion of privacy.

However, even Murdock can’t be completely blind to the suggestion that the over-charged Fox News rhetoric, fostered by Roger Ailes, was not at least in part, responsible for the rise of the wildly divisive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, and the subsequent fracturing of the radical conservative movement so beloved by the Fox News crowd.

The controversial sexual harassment scandal that led to Roger Ailes’ exit has turned out to be a longstanding one.

According to The Guardian:

More than 20 women have accused Fox News chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment….

If Ailes was completely innocent of all sexual harassment claims, it seems unlikely that he would have headed so quickly into his exit negotiations. Therefore, we can assume that Fox and Roger Ailes are hoping to bury a lot of bad publicity over allegations that the network left a sexual deviant in charge for decades and did nothing about it.

More importantly, if the exit of Roger Ailes leads to extinguishing some of the flaming bullshit that flies at Fox News, it’s all good. This is, after all, the man who many believe invented political fear mongering on a national scale.

As Forward Progressives notes:

It never ceases to amaze me how so many conservatives still believe in the laughable Fox News motto of “fair and balanced”…

It’s not just their trash journalism, or blatant misinformation, it’s that they honestly try to portray themselves as the lone beacon of truth. Which is, of course, absolutely ridiculous.

Fox News has done more to divide this nation than pretty much any other entity I can think of.

The top rated leaders of ‘trash’ talk on Fox are Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, both of which may leave the network in the wake of the Roger Ailes sex scandal, due to clauses in their contracts that tie them to Ailes. Others may follow. That means the Fox News of the future may take on a different tone; hopefully a less inflammatory one.

With that in mind, all Americans can do is hope that new leadership at Fox will bring a saner voice to the network that has been instrumental in tearing up our country with hate, division, misinformation, and often, outright lies.

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