Robert Reich Predicts Why Trump Will Be Impeached (Video)

Robert Reich is done pulling punches. After explaining about how America ‘used to work’ when we had a responsible minimum wage, strong union participation and a government willing to spend money on things like infrastructure, Reich told us how he really feels about our new President.

“Donald Trump is a fraud. Yeah, he’s a fake populist.” According to the famed economist. 

“Everything I see about Donald Trump makes me worry about the future. The person he has picked for Secretary of Education doesn’t believe in public schools. The person he has picked for Treasury Secretary wants to cut back the Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reform Act which is keeping us from having another ‘too big to fail’ crisis. The person he picked for HUD Secretary … doesn’t believe in housing or urban development or the Fair Housing Act. The person he has picked for Attorney General doesn’t believe in the Voting Rights Act. He is staffing his government who don’t believe in what the government does.” 

Reich sees Trump as a big, but temporary problem. Reich figures there is very little chance that Trump can actually make it for four years as POTUS. Why? As Reich puts it, Trump is a person so full of feelings of ‘entitlement’ will overstep his bounds and break the law because ‘he doesn’t feel the law applies to him.’ Reich feels at some point, even a GOP Congress will turn on him.

When asked if Reich was asked to take a meeting with the new President, what would he say?

“I’d say — look, you are in a position of extraordinary power. A lot of people are hurting in America. You have the opportunity to do something for them.” Reich went on to explain he could do things like strengthen unions, raise the minimum wage and put people back to full-time work with the resources he has at hand as President. Reich though, seemed pessimistic that Trump would ever do these things and will end up missing a huge opportunity. This, as he seems to move away from the things he campaigned on and is embracing a “billionaire class” cabinet in his administration’s early days.

After the filming of this segment, Trump signed two executive orders allowing both the Dakota Access pipeline and the XL pipeline to advance. Another signal he is working for the one percent vs the people he claimed to be running for during the campaign.

Only time will tell if Reich’s predictions will come to fruition. Reich also did say if Trump manages to make it through four years that he will be voted out of office in 2020.

Check out the interview and Robert Reich’s complete thoughts on President Trump below;

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