Road Raging Racist For Trump Unleashes Tirade Against Motorist (VIDEO)

‘Trump! Trump! Trump all the way! … BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER!!!’ screamed a Memphis man while pushing his way into a black man’s car in a mall in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday. Adding he was a n*gg*r then demanded the black man to ‘define’ the word. It was as bizarre as it was disturbing. At one point, the offending Trump supporter also lashed out at an unknown female in his own car telling her to ‘be a woman’ and ‘he would handle it.’ Seemingly, he was a misogynist in addition to being a racist.

The Trump fan claimed that black people should be property, in fact, in his mind, white people deserved a refund — or something. Apparently, he felt ‘ripped off’ he said during his tirade. According to his delusional brain, he had gotten the short end of the stick. Yes, this man boldly supports Donald Trump.

This man’s hate and racism are totally unabashed. In fact, he begged the accosted man to put this on social media and spread it around. he also claimed he had no social media account because ‘white lives matter.’

They go back and forth for about four and a half minutes. The videos highlights say that the white racist man is Robert Neil Thompson. The awful tirade took place in the Wolfchase Galleria Mall.

Check out the stunning clip below;

The situation escalates and escalates. Both men speak of ‘firearms’ but none are brandished or fired — thankfully. Finally, our Tennessee racist ends his tirade and buggers off.

At the end of the video, the victim of all this says to the camera that ‘this is why people need to go vote.’ Americans go to the polls tomorrow, November 8th to decide who will be our President and Commander in Chief. Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?


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