The Road To Perdition Is Paved With Jill Steins

Jill Stein is Nader 2.0. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the last time this happened, it shackled us with Bush.

As always and quite predictably, well-intentioned liberals and progressives who have become disillusioned with our bicameral government, search the heavens for someone that passes their political purity test. For those of us with a tinge of gray in our hair, the perennial favorite was always activist Ralph Nader’s futile attempt to win the White House. When George Washington was told in a letter by Thomas Jefferson that we were to have a bicameral government, it was said by the messenger that he read the letter informing of that fact and that he set it down on his desk at Mount Vernon and wept.

The months of sheer misery at Valley Forge, crossing the Delaware river in the dead of winter, all that it took to win a bloody revolution, to him, was for naught. Revolution was not some abstract word to him, it was war. It was the worst horror known to human existence.

The thirst for revolution often boils the blood of patriots but the untested don’t know the brutal sting of battle. Revolution is an abstract in our country and we are so very fortunate for the wisdom of our founders who laid out the means to achieve revolution. It isn’t the kind that they had because they too had the innately human proclivity to love their children. None of them wanted bombs bursting in American air again. They understood the awful costs of revolution and they wanted a strong federal government. Washington proved that point in the extreme during both Shay’s Rebellion and The Whiskey Rebellion.

Bernie Sanders started out wanting a political revolution and to a certain extent, he achieved that. He didn’t get to go as far as he wanted but he was certainly successful at getting Hillary to move much further to the left than if he hadn’t been in it. He brought in a lot of new blood and made millennials aware of what the Baby Boomers had essentially done to them and that made them a force to be reckoned with, if mind you, they show up to the polls. Bernie never actually said this but the only revolution to have in this country is by incremental change and even that change comes in increments that make most glaciers look like Ferraris. It may not be the ideal system, but it is designed specifically to avoid spilling blood. We have the largest arsenal ever amassed in all of human history, any talk of revolution other than within the confines of our democracy is absurd.

For all it’s flaws, when people show up at the polls, no corporation, no oligarch, no supply-sider, NOBODY can stop anyone from voting their conscience. There are however these curious creatures who pop up seemingly every four years who have a puritanical streak that would make Cotton Mather blush. They exist on some exalted intellectual plain on Maslow’s Scale of Self-Actualization and they have thoughts that nobody at the Academy ever considered. Pragmatism is the devil’s vice and compromise is for those with no ideals.

They come every four years, like 17-year locusts spewing superfluous platitudes in their syllogisms trying to ferret out the unholy maggots that would vote for the corrupt establishment. There were libertarians of course but their nihilism has never appealed to the masses and having the Kochs funding everything they do has never endeared them to middle America. Ralph Nader was the goto man for purists but he never did anything to get the Green Party even elected to a single dog-catcher job. Nor did he do all the work that would build the Green Party into anything more than the spoiler that he was and he did deliver a victory to Bush.

For all the good Ralph Nader did as a consumer advocate before he started running for president, he did far more damage than Benedict Arnold ever thought about doing. “There is no difference between Bush and Gore” was oft-recited among the Naders who would not “sell out” to the shills of the establishment. Sound familiar? It should.

Elections have consequences but none more than the 2000 election. For some of us who remember the pitch that there were “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, there is much more anguish to the political puritans’ sophistry.

Specialist James E. Powell, 26, of Radcliff. He was killed on 12 OCT 03 in Baji, Iraq. Powell was killed when his M2/A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle struck an enemy anti-tank mine. He died as a result of his injuries. Powell was assigned to the Army’s B Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, based in Fort Hood, Texas.

Sergeant First Class James T. Hoffman, 41, of Whitesburg. He was killed on 27 JAN 04 in an improvised explosive device attack in Khalidiyah, just east of Ar Ramadi, Iraq. Hoffman was assigned to the Army’s Company B, 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (Mech), Fort Riley, Kansas.

Staff Sergeant Joe L. Dunigan, 37, of Benton. He was killed on 11 MAR 04 in Fallujah, Iraq, when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device. Dunigan was assigned to the Army’s 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, based at Fort Riley, Kansas.

There are 110 valiant Kentuckians who were killed during combat operations during the Bush administration. Their pictures aren’t even in their obituaries. They get a sanitized version of their brutal deaths. These three men were fathers, brothers, and sons full of love and they were blown apart and burned alive. They were soldiers and young. Their lives were ground up in the grisly mill of war this country has been in 200 of its 240 years because elections have consequences and purists only show up to vote every 4 years.

The Butcher’s Bill does not include the thousands of others who were killed by the designated enemy. Far more have died by their own hand because they could no longer take the pain combat mauled them with. The VA estimates that 23 veterans commit suicide every single day. A number so appalling that every single Republican senator who voted to filibuster the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act  should not only be expelled from the Senate but be forced to attend the same Veterans hospitals that they refuse to fund.

What is absolutely certain is that none of the political puritans has ever spent a moment in one of the many hospitals veterans recover in to visit one of their friends that’ve been emasculated with a bomb because that’s where the abstract ideology runs into the bone and sinews that have been blown apart by improvised explosive devices.

Jill Stein is Ralph Nader 2.o

Jill Stein ran for governor of Massachusetts twice. She and her husband are both Harvard medical school graduates with the egos to match. Has she or Nader endeavored to get Greens elected anywhere? Is this more than an egocentric campaign dedicated to elevating the name Jill Stein? It depends on who you ask of course and if you can get an honest answer.

“She won’t sell our her principles for political expediency like everyone else!”

Hold on just a minute there Skippy, what do you think a Harvard-trained physician would say about homeopathy and anti-vaxxers? She wouldn’t pander to those to large elements in the Green Party, would she? Perish the thought. She participated in a discussion on Reddit and she was asked, ““What is your campaign’s official stance on vaccines and homeopathic medicine?”

I don’t know if we have an “official” stance, but I can tell you my personal stance at this point. According to the most recent review of vaccination policies across the globe, mandatory vaccination that doesn’t allow for medical exemptions is practically unheard of. In most countries, people trust their regulatory agencies and have very high rates of vaccination through voluntary programs. In the US, however, regulatory agencies are routinely packed with corporate lobbyists and CEOs. So the foxes are guarding the chicken coop as usual in the US. So who wouldn’t be skeptical? I think dropping vaccinations rates that can and must be fixed in order to get at the vaccination issue: the widespread distrust of the medical-indsutrial (sic) complex.

See what she did there? She legitimizes the known conspiratorial fears that anti-vaxxers have of “big pharma” by agreeing that they are foxes guarding the chicken coop. She flies the coop here.

Vaccines in general have made a huge contribution to public health. Reducing or eliminating devastating diseases like small pox and polio. In Canada, where I happen to have some numbers, hundreds of annual death from measles and whooping cough were eliminated after vaccines were introduced. Still, vaccines should be treated like any medical procedure–each one needs to be tested and regulated by parties that do not have a financial interest in them. In an age when industry lobbyists and CEOs are routinely appointed to key regulatory positions through the notorious revolving door, its no wonder many Americans don’t trust the FDA to be an unbiased source of sound advice. A Monsanto lobbyists and CEO like Michael Taylor, former high-ranking DEA official, should not decide what food is safe for you to eat. Same goes for vaccines and pharmaceuticals. We need to take the corporate influence out of government so people will trust our health authorities, and the rest of the government for that matter. End the revolving door. Appoint qualified professionals without a financial interest in the product being regulated. Create public funding of elections to stop the buying of elections by corporations and the super-rich.

For homeopathy, just because something is untested doesn’t mean it’s safe. By the same token, being “tested” and “reviewed” by agencies tied to big pharma and the chemical industry is also problematic. There’s a lot of snake-oil in this system. We need research and licensing boards that are protected from conflicts of interest. They should not be limited by arbitrary definitions of what is “natural” or not.

If she were an honest person, she would have told everyone that vaccines save lives and homeopathy is complete and total bullshit. Why does Jill reject the science and medicine that she practiced and taught for 25 years? Hmmm.

The principle difference between Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton is that Jill is pretending to be something she isn’t. It feels good to rebel against the establishment and throw your hands in the air when a disaster like Bush happened and say, “I voted for Nader.”

Yeah, I know you did. I only wish I could burn you alive like you did my friends with your disgusting vote.

If you think there’s no difference between Hillary and Trump, then you should find the nearest pool of water and drown yourself. Trump’s Butcher’s Bill will be ineffably worse than anything Cheney came up with so hold your nose if you have to because you’ll have the blood of your fellow Americans on your hands if you throw your vote away on that egomaniac Jill Stein!

Dan Savage dissects Jill Stein’s campaign.

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