This Over-Zealous Trump Supporter Was Once Convicted Of Healthcare Fraud

Dr. Richard Paulus, the over-enthusiastic man behind Donald Trump at his rally in West Virginia, was indicted on 11 counts of medical fraud.

Who was that overly-enthusiastic man standing behind Donald Trump at his rally in West Virginia? He’s Richard Paulus, a doctor from Kentucky who was once convicted of healthcare fraud on Medicare patients.

If you saw any clips from the president’s West Virginia rally two nights ago, you could not help but see him standing behind Donald Trump, wearing a black shirt, and of course, a red ‘Make America Great Again,’ hat. He was so energetic, and so supportive of the words Trump was saying that he was seen “high-fiving” people sitting around him,” while at times during Trump’s diversionary propagandized and lie filled speech, apparently  shouting out “we love you,” and “that is right.”

In fact, I could have sworn I saw him saying “that is right” when Trump proposed investigators go after Hillary Clinton, versus getting to the bottom of the Russian interference with our election. We can assume this is the kind of person Trump sees as an exemplary supporter. According to Government Executive, people standing behind a President during a televised speech are “carefully sourced, selected, and positioned by the White House for maximum messaging impact.”

As the old adage goes:  “Birds of a feather flock together.”  Dr. Richard Paulus apparently believes we need to ‘Make America Great Again,’ despite making millions during the supposedly terrible years of Barack Obama’s administration. And, according to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, he did that on the taxpayers’ dime and was indicted on 11 counts of healthcare fraud with his Medicare patients:

In the indictment, Harvey said Paulus performed more cardiac stent placements for Medicare patients than were performed by all of the cardiologists at either the University of Kentucky or University of Louisville health care systems, making roughly $2.5 and $2.6 million annually in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Paulus made $1.7 million, and he made $692,197 in 2013.

That’s right. He made  tons of money performing unnecessary heart procedures, such as heart catheterizations and putting stents in people which were medically unwarranted. Oh, and he billed Medicare while doing these unnecessary procedures, too. Hypocrisy anyone? WSAZ News reports he was found guilty and convicted of healthcare fraud in Oct. 2016, and for “making false statements relating to healthcare matters.”

In April 2016, Dr. Richard Paulus was acquitted on a technicality, but it’s still curious that Donald Trump’s team would choose him for prominent placement.

Remember: these procedures were found to be medically unnecessary folks, and Paulus still profited off of them. In fact, United States Attorney, Kerry Harvey stated this doctor performed more procedures of this kind, than were “performed by all cardiologists at either the University of Kentucky or University of Louisville health care systems.”

Thankfully, the ‘Doctor’ can no longer perform these procedures since he entered “into an agreement of retirement,” when he was indicted.

Is this what the Trumpers in Trumpland mean by Making America Great Again? After all, their ‘Dear Leader’ — who has not delivered on any major promise to his supporters — and his administration have been rolling back as many regulations as they can. One wonders if Richard Paulus would still be doing these procedures under the Trump administration. No wonder he supports the guy.

Ain’t America great again, folks?

Watch: Involuntarily retired Dr. Richard Paulus, (barely) acquitted on 11 counts of medical fraud, cheers on Donald Trump at a W.Va. rally.

Featured image: Video screen grab | The Washington Post via YouTube with Dr. Richard Paulus highlighted.

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