Republicans Torched Obama On Cuba, Say Nothing About Trump Praising North Korean Dictator

Republican Hypocrisy
Republican Hypocrisy

The “do as I say, not as I do” meme permeates today’s GOP like a fatal and infectious disease with no clear end in sight. The do-nothing (and know-nothing) Republican party excoriated President Obama for starting to normalize relations with Cuba, which is something that no other modern president attempted. The notion that we should somehow continue economically punishing a nation that could host every MTV Spring Break was not something President Obama wanted to keep doing. Therefore, Obama began lifting restrictions on Cuban cigars and rum, even visiting the tiny island nation. Naturally, Republicans threw a fit. Here were some of their comments:

“While I have acknowledged the need to reform the Cuban Adjustment Act for some time now, the Obama Administration’s characterization of this change as part of the ongoing normalization with the Castro regime is absurd. It is in fact President Obama’s failed Cuba policy, combined with the Castro regime’s increased repression, that has led to a rise in Cuban migration since 2014.” Sen. Marco Rubio in Jan 2017

“Today is a sad day in American history. For decades, leftists and Hollywood liberals have made the pilgrimage to Cuba to pay homage to Fidel Castro and Raul Castro. It’s very chic, it’s very shi-shi, for leftists to celebrate vicious communist dictators.” Sen Ted Cruz in March 2016

“We agree with President Obama that he is writing new chapters in American foreign policy. Unfortunately, today’s chapter, like the others before it, is one of America and the values we stand for in retreat and decline. It is about the appeasement of autocratic dictators, thugs, and adversaries, diminishing America’s influence in the world. Is it any wonder that under President Obama’s watch our enemies are emboldened and our friends demoralized?” Sen John McCain in 2014

Donald Trump has proven himself to be as miserably unqualified on foreign policy as he is regarding domestic policy. During an interview on CBS Face the Nation, Trump not only called ruthless and murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un a “smart cookie,” but he essentially opened an invitation to a meeting with the unstable leader of the heavily armed pariah state.

I’d be ‘honored’ to meet Kim Jong-Un under ‘right circumstances,’ said Trump to Bloomberg News earlier today.

Stevie Wonder can see that Trump is an unhinged sociopath totally out of his league, but yet the same Republicans who crucified Obama for starting to normalize diplomatic and economic relations with a non-nuclear nation have said nothing about Trump’s breathtakingly  ‘unpresidented’ blunder.

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