House Republicans Finally Figured Out How To Take Away Your Health Care

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Republicans have been wracked with failure in their newfound position of leadership in Washington. Their first attempt at passing a health care law failed, due to party infighting. Many conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus felt that not enough was done to decrease government involvement in health care; largely due to pre-existing conditions and Medicaid expansion and other subsidies that help the poor being left in the bill. The Tuesday Group, a group of moderate Republicans felt that the bill did too much to harm people by throwing over 24 million people off of coverage over the course of a decade.

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Now House Republicans have figured out how to pass the buck and try to alleviate themselves of wrongdoing thus washing the blood of millions off their hands. The two sides of the Republican coin have reached an agreement on how best to strip health care from millions while being able to shrug off responsibility at those pesky town halls.

They’ll just leave it up to the states. (Brilliant! Right?) They’ll leave it up to the very governors — of states that chose not to expand Medicaid — to cut those pesky aspects out of the health care bill that Republicans just can’t agree on.

According to a report from Axios:

“House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows and Tuesday Group co-chairman Tom MacArthur have reached a tentative Trumpcare deal:”

“Pre-existing conditions: States could get waivers to get around the rule prohibiting insurance companies from charging higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions. They’d have to be part of a federal high-risk pool or set up their own before getting the waivers”

“Essential Health Benefits: Benefits like prescription drug coverage, pregnancy and mental health services would be included again in the bill, but states could get a waiver for that too if they prove it would lower premiums, help cover more people or provide some other benefit to people.”

So now all these Republicans can throw up their hands in their town hall meetings and loudly proclaim that it wasn’t them. They didn’t cast a vote saying that a life can’t be saved because of a pre-existing condition. They didn’t pass a law dismantling steps forward in treating the mentally ill or cast a vote making it more difficult for the elderly to get their prescription drugs. They would never make life more costly for a pregnant woman. No, they would never.

They will simply vote to allow states to choose which of their poor or vulnerable they will harm on their own, without the federal government telling them which ones to target. They know what to do.

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