Watch Florida Republican School Trump’s EPA Chief Over This Despicable Hurricane Comment He Made

The devastation left by Hurricane Irma in Florida, yet another unusually large and powerful storm, has once again left those of us living in reality to wonder what exactly it will take to placate climate change deniers. Surprisingly, one Republican in Florida not only accepts the dire consequences of climate change and embracing any solution to combat it, but she’s blasting Trump’s industry stooge heading the EPA.

During a field interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Penny Taylor, the chair of Collier County Commission, simply could not refrain from laughing when faced with EPA Director Scoot Pruit’s insanely ignorant comment that “the time to talk about climate change isn’t now.”

“Where is this man? Get him here! There’s never been a storm acting like Irma did in the Atlantic. … The scientists say our storms are going to get stronger, they’re going to come at us with more frequency, there’s more water pushed in…”

“There will always be the doubters, but I think rational people in quieter moments will understand that this isn’t the end of the world but, my gosh, we have to prepare,” she added. “There has to be an adaptation technologically to accept the fact that the sea level is going to get higher.”

The fact remains that Pruitt, an industry stooge and vociferous opponent of the very agency he now chairs, built his whole career on sucking up to the fossil fuel industry.  Moreover, he has absolutely no desire to ever discuss the clear and present danger that climate change poses to the world. Rather than do something insane, like actually doing his job and protecting the environment, the eco-anarchist would rather keep putting Americans in harm’s way by refusing to discuss climate change–the very thing that just brought an unprecedented storm to the shores of Florida.

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