Republican Attack On Voting Rights Takes A New Turn

Four conservative advocacy groups tied to the Republican Party have found a way to cut voting rights under the guise of stopping voter fraud. But like so many other similar efforts in the past, culling voter rolls can result in more eligible voters losing their right to vote.

This latest attack comes in the form of a letter from the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which was sent to more than 245 county election officials across the country, demanding access to voter rolls. Once they have the data, they will use it to purge voter rolls of people they will claim are dead, or otherwise inaccurate. You can read the official notice here.

The New York Times called the move an attempt to disenfranchise voters, citing earlier efforts to do the same in Florida:

The political ramifications are as close as a history book. Florida’s Legislature ordered the voter rolls scrubbed of dead registrants and ineligible felons before the 2000 presidential election. The resulting purge, based on a broad name-matching exercise, misidentified thousands of legitimate voters as criminals, and prevented at least 1,100 of them — some say thousands more — from casting ballots.

Republicans have an ongoing fear of free an open elections, perhaps because the more the public finds out about what their real agenda is, the less likely they are to support their candidates.

According to the Washington Post, the GOP tax plan is only part of why the Trump administration is failing:

The deep unpopularity of this agenda goes a long way toward explaining why Congress has gotten almost nothing done this year, despite the fact that Republicans control both houses and have a president happy to sign whatever they put on his desk… the real problem is that the public just doesn’t want to buy what they’re selling.

Rather than changing their policies to help more working-class Americans, the Republican solution is to stop more people from voting. It’s a terrible and revealing sign of just how much Republicans detest democracy and everything it stands for.

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