Rep. Maxine Waters Wins The Internet With A Great Jab Following Spicer Resignation

On this week’s episode of the White House Apprentice, Press Secretary Sean Spicer became the latest contestant in Trump’s White House to leave the show. But seriously, Sean Spicer’s resignation in the face of Trump choosing wall street crony (draining that swamp, huh?) Anthony Scaramucci is yet another reminder of how unbelievably insane this White House is.

But while everyone on the internet was having their jollies at the expense of poor little Spicey, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was laying the almighty smack down on Trump and his sickeningly sycophantic cronies.

Waters let her feelings be known on Twitter this afternoon.

Bam! Waters is slowly becoming the female version of Will Rogers with some of these sharp witticisms.

Although the remark was funny, it reveals a much more insidious fact that has become all too familiar with Trump cabinet members. Waters, for instance, was  referring to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his complete and utter lack of conviction in the face of Trump publicly crapping all over him in a New York Times interview. Many expected Sessions to resign in the face of such disrespect, only he has yet to do and we’re not sure if he will. It seems he would much rather carry out every right-wing racists wet dream in re-instituing Jim Crow policies, fully turning our cherished justice system into a Breitbart comment section.

Regardless, Kudos to Rep. Waters for once again fearlessly (and ruthlessly) taking on Trump and his spineless cronies for turning the White House in a board room patronage mill. One has to wonder how much this fire will have to burn before Republicans catch on and realize that their own tenuous grip on power could evaporate as fast as an Obama-era environmental policy.

Featured image via YouTube

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