Rage Rooms: A Quick Fix For An Angry Nation (VIDEO)

Rage rooms have become a thing.
A visit to a rage room

Hillary supporters are pissed off at Bernie fans. Bernie fans are pissed off at Hillary supporters. Trump followers are enraged with everybody. The vitriol has never flowed thicker than this election season. Don’t believe it? You must be boycotting Facebook then.

In the process, way too many people are fearful that irreconcilable differences have been exposed — between the political parties, within the political parties, and among those watching the political parties. I say “way too many” in the sense that such a huge conglomeration of Americans might be onto something.

Rage Rooms Turn Fury Into Profits.

However, just in the nick of time, a solution may have burst onto the scene. An up-and-coming industry offers us an alternative to ripping each other from limb to limb in the name of electing a government. A proliferation of ‘rage rooms’ is looking to make a profit off all the anger. Rage rooms are being created by those who have every right to be furious — and to make a buck off of it.

Take Shawn Baker, for instance. Baker was once a happy, 20-year employee of the oil industry in Houston — happy until a global drop in oil prices threw her out into the cold last year and into the ranks of the unemployed. She joined a whole seething mass of disaffected Americans.

In the phenomenon that affected Baker, the United States lost over 120,000 oil jobs, with half of them being in Texas. Guess you could say she was in the wrong place at the right time. A budding entrepreneur, Baker saw profits to be made and created a new business — Tantrums LLC.

At Tantrums, customers can go into a specially-equipped room with a baseball bat and destroy everything in sight for a mere $25 for 5 minutes. The inanimate objects awaiting all that pent-up displeasure include television sets, dishes, furniture, stuffed toys. For $85, they can destroy a custom-created room. No kinky stuff, but one woman especially wanted to demolish a bathroom.

Baker says “a lot” of her customers come from the oil industry and they tell her “they’re here for therapy.” Rage rooms — or their slightly lesser cousins, anger rooms — are opening up all over the country. Dallas has “The Anger Room.” Jacksonville, North Carolina has its “Smack Shack” — right next to a military base. (Hmm.) “The Break Room” is coming to Minnesota. Similar incarnations are appearing in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, as well as elsewhere in the world, like Japan and Serbia.

Why Not Political Rage Rooms?

The country is ripe. So why not create political rage rooms? You know — bring in commemorative plates from the various campaigns for the smashing, framed pictures of the crowds at candidates’ rallies for the crushing, t-shirts emblazoned with faces and slogans for the shredding, buttons and badges for the denting. Five minutes … ten minutes … fifteen. Whatever it takes to totally discharge all the poisonous venom that a political animal — er, supporter — carries into the room.

This could become a public service. It should probably be tax-exempt. After all, when the violence is done — spent harmlessly on objects that were soon to be discarded anyway — we could start closing up the huge chasms that gape between us. Everyone can finally get along as unity prevails … right?

Hello? Is anybody listening?

Watch a session in an anger room here:

Feature photo, screenshot from YouTube video.

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