Racist Trump Supporter Uses The N-Word And Instantly Regrets It (VIDEO)

racist gets beat down

We have seen it happen in a restaurant. We have seen it happen on the street. We have seen it happen in parking lots. White bigots boldly calling African-Americans racial slurs without fear of reprisal. They smugly rock back on their heels as if they just had an epiphany that brought the wittiest insult to light in their mind before hurling the disgusting racist epithet at their victim.

Not Such A Happy Ending For This Racist

Most of the time these acts are followed by an African-American shaking their heads at the ignorance of these racist buffoons. They weren’t looking for a fight in the first place and the harassment is something they have dealt with before.

They deal with it from police officers. They deal with it from store clerks or from the customers they serve if they are store clerks. They deal with it from restaurant managers. They deal with it from teachers. Hell, they even had to deal with it over black Santa.

Many of us with a white complexion have never had to deal with this treatment. We don’t know what it is like to receive such hatred and resentment because of our skin tone.  We are generally accepted everywhere we go without question.

A server in a restaurant is happy to see us because they don’t automatically expect a bad tip. Cops don’t approach our cars during routine traffic stops with a wary hand on their weapon as they wait to see what their interaction with us might be like. Teachers treat our children differently and Santa is generally accepted as white. For that matter so is a Middle Eastern Jew with a Latin name called Jesus.

Well, it looks like one guy had his fill of this particular racist.

He was going to let it go. The obscenities. The emasculating name calling. Everything. Just take it in stride. Another day as a black man being mistreated by a white man in America.

Then the antagonizer said the one word the man just wasn’t going to let go. Not this time.

Watch the video below of a racist being taught a very valuable lesson. He will likely not be using this word ever again.

Be warned the language is foul and the content graphic.

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