Rachel Maddow Just Aired Trump’s Dirty Russian Money Laundry (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow

The Trump campaign’s ties to Russia are becoming more staggering by the week and this week is proving to be no different as Rachel Maddow exposes Trump’s connections to an even more nefarious end.¬†

Rachel Maddow draws our attention to Deutsche Bank which facilitated the laundering of ill-gotten Russian gains to the tune of 10 billion dollars. How, might you ask, can one move that kind of dough around without somebody smelling the fresh-baked bread?

They moved the money through the stock market.

They would use rubles to buy stock in Russia and then sell that stock outside of Russia and turn the rubles into dollars in what, on the surface, appeared to be a legitimate transaction.

Of course, Deutsche Bank got busted and ended up in court at the end of January. They ended up having to pay a huge fine to the tune of 629 million dollars. Of course, this fine wasn’t as massive as many had feared it would be and the stock actually traded up

But this wasn’t the end of the German bank’s troubles. The federal government hadn’t had their turn yet and a U.S attorney was gearing up for the fight. At least until Trump fired him.

Preet Bharara, an attorney known for taking down the corrupt and overseeing the southern district of New York where Trump Tower happens to be located was canned by the President after refusing to resign.

Trump owes Deutsche Bank somewhere in the neighborhood of 364 million dollars.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what Rachel Maddow exposes as one of the biggest conflicts of interest yet to stain the barely 50-day-old Trump Presidency.

This corruption reaches past Trump and encompasses Jared Kushner, real estate deals, and what may soon be the most expensive building ever sold in U.S history. The buyer? A Chinese insurance company.

Watch her crack the story wide open as only she can below and prepare to have your world rocked by the level of corruption she brings to light.



(featured image via screengrab)

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