Rachel Maddow Just Dropped A Scott Pruitt Bombshell And It’s Epic (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow

Oklahoma Attorney General and Benjamin Netanyahu lookalike Scott Pruitt is Trump’s pick to head the EPA. Democrats have been desperately trying to prevent him from seizing control of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Rachel Maddow has the all the dirt you need to know on yet another atrocious Trump nominee. 

Rachel Maddow begins by recounting a horrifying event that took place in April of 2014. Clayton Lockett was being put to death by the state of Oklahoma for the crime he had committed. As some may recall, things didn’t go so well.

They simply couldn’t figure out how to kill Lockett. They tried to kill him for nearly 45 minutes making more than a dozen attempts to inject the man in his arms and legs and even his groin as Mr. Lockett writhed in pain even at one point trying to help them kill him. Lockett should have been unconscious but it appears they couldn’t even get that right.

The scene was bad enough to close the curtain to witnesses so they would no longer have to watch what was later described as a “bloody mess”. Finally, those charged with ending Mr. Lockett’s life called the governor who happened to be at a basketball game to find out what to do. The governor purportedly said if you can’t kill him then save him. They failed and Mr. Lockett, after 43 minutes of torture, died from a heart attack.

Many would think, and they would be correct in doing so, that a method of execution involving lethal injection would also involve medical and pharmaceutical experts to ensure that the drugs used are appropriate for the occasion. But Oklahoma’s Attorney General decided against that.

Instead of holding off on the execution and waiting for a humane method to carry out Mr. Lockett’s sentence, Scott Pruitt decided to utilize his Google skills and began casually searching for drugs that would kill the man. He had two executions to carry out that night, a macabre double feature, and claimed political pressure made him break state protocol.

Regardless of how you feel about state-sanctioned executions, this is not how things are done. We are not a nation of torturers.

However, this wasn’t the only issue giving Scott Pruitt more public attention than he likely wanted.

After a story that bad you wouldn’t think there is more, but there is more. Here is the gist of what Rachel Maddow broke down for us.

On December 6th, 2014 Eric Lipton of the New York Times wrote an article that won him a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism.

That article was very revealing of Mr. Pruitt who was apparently taking letters written to him from Devon Energy, the largest energy company in Oklahoma, and basically plagiarizing them onto his own letterhead and sending them off to the EPA as if they were the state of Oklahoma’s official stance on air pollution produced from natural gas drilling.

As you, my dear reader, likely suspected, Devon Energy contributed heavily to Pruitt’s campaign.

But still, there is more.

According to Rachel Maddow, Pruitt has been refusing requests for information which were legally made under the Freedom of Information Act. These requests, of course, were for correspondence between Pruitt and oil and gas companies.

Now a judge in Oklahoma has decided that his flat refusal is a violation of the law and has ordered the Attorney General to release over 3000 documents and emails by Tuesday, the 21st of February. Which is awesome. Until you realize he is supposed to be voted in today by an environment hating Republican party.

We can only hope that Republicans allow their curiosity to get the better of them and postpone the vote until they see what Pruitt has been hiding from the people who voted him into office.

Rachel wasn’t too nice in describing Trump’s other cabinet nominee and appointee failures so far in his bumbling and oafish presidency either. Watch her break it all down for you below. It is truly epic.

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