Rachel Maddow Crashed Her Webpage Releasing Trump Taxes

Rachel Maddow broke her page releasing Trump's taxes.

Rachel Maddow has earned her spot in the annals of great journalists, especially when it comes to her coverage of that which the Trump administration does not want printed. On Tuesday night, Rachel promised that she would reveal Donald Trump’s taxes from 2005, and she delivered. And, it broke her web page.

Trump’s 2005 tax forms are right here. They showed up in a mailbox, and the White House tired to say it was illegal to print them. It isn’t, at all. That pesky First Amendment again.

Though there were no major bombshells in these returns (unless you count that he even paid taxes), there is some question as to whether Trump leaked them himself, because it fits his pattern of behavior, not due to evidence he has. The tax forms are not complete, only the 1040 forms. They show that he paid taxes, and made 150 million in income.

Trump loves to say that no one but the press care about seeing his tax paperwork. According to a comment by Maddow though, the traffic to view these released taxes broke her website.

Rachel Maddow broke her page releasing the 2005 taxes.
Rachel broke her page releasing the 2005 taxes.

Trump would like to have you think that only journalists care about his tax returns. We guess it was just millions of journalists that crashed Maddow’s website when she announced that she had Trump’s tax returns published there.

Gee, I guess no one cares except, everyone. It seems, that while “broke the internet” was very overused, this news broadcast broke Rachel’s corner of it, and you know they are set up to take the volume.

Watch the video here:

Featured image via screen capture.

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