Rachael Maddow Won’t Back Down, Trump Has Nuclear Distraction Capabilities

Rachel Maddow has shown the American people that when it comes to taking on Trump and his neverending lies, she is on the front lines of the Resistance. In keeping with her determination to report the truth about Trump, she took on a whole new angle to Trump’s disgusting Twitter attacks and emphasized how this was a much more appalling offense over ones in the past.

“When the ability to shock and offend — and now that he is president to harm the presidency and harm the country in the process — is something that he takes to be ‘cost free’ to him, we should expect to see more of it.”

While there isn’t a single Republican alive who doesn’t engage in subterfuge and distraction so as to avoid their egregious behavior, Trump has made it an Olympic sport.  This very notorious skill is the result of an unflinching willingness to assume the most phenomenally vile behavior so as to elicit a negative response, like a kid who kicks over a sand castle.

Trump has turned normal political distractions nuclear by going beyond “distraction,” to “disgusting.” By pushing his “distractions” to abuses and things so far outside of what is conventionally accepted that he usurps the entire news cycle in responses to his disgusting actions. Because people are pushed into responding to him to preserve their own dignity.

Maddow was keen to excellently explain that the reason Trump is so apt at utilizing this most cynical strategy is that he has little if any concern about the major things he’s endangering: the presidency, the American people, and America’s standing in the world. Millions of Americans are facing a certain death if the Republican Senate gets its way with TrumpCare, and yet all 45 can focus on is whether a news host hurt his feelings.

Watch the entire segment below:

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