Putin’s Favorite Congressman Insists Assad Is Not Our Enemy And We Should Ignore The Slaughter (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough is not the most popular MSNBC host when it comes to liberals. Today, however, Scarborough stood strong against Dana Rohrabacher, who has been called ‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman.’ He began by asking the California Republican ‘why did we do nothing when Assad was slaughtering women and children?’

Rohrabacher called that a ‘false narrative’ and when Scarborough pressed him, Rohrbacher threatened to walk off the show, saying ‘goodbye’ after Joe wouldn’t let him dodge the question and just filibuster with talking points. Scarbrough essentially told him ‘thanks for being on the show’ and began to move on to the next guest. At that point, Rohrbacher backed off and tried to occupy the microphone to throw out his talking points.

Another guest finally chimed in. It was U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul. he quickly corrected the record. He pointed out that we have been fighting  terrorists in Syria and even gave the operation’s name, ‘Operation Inherent Resolve.’ He then pointed out that there were very few terrorists in Aleppo, a favorite bombing target of the Russians. The ambassador later pointed out that the Russians aren’t fighting ISIS in the region but fighting enemies of Assad and bombing cities like Aleppo, which are not big terrorist havens. What the Russians are doing isn’t stopping terrorism, but inspiring it, according to McFaul.

Another guest, Dr. Evelyn Farkas, who happens to be a former deputy Secretary of Defense, added that the Russians need to compromise and work with us, not the other way around. It does us no good to support Russian operations that are aimed at Assad’s internal opposition and murdering women and children in order to enforce Assad’s iron fist of power.

Then Rohrbacher said something truly unbelievable — ‘Assad is not our enemy.’

That, of course, came as quite a shock to everyone on the panel. The shock could be seen and heard as the GOP Congressman rambled on about how we should be buddies with Assad and Putin to defeat ISIS.

The other panelists agreed — but pointed out Assad and Russia aren’t fighting ISIS.  We are, but they aren’t participating in our fight. Their fight has been against Syria’s own citizens. In supporting them, we are being ‘an accomplice to evil’ as Elise Jordan noted.  Everyone but Rohrabacher contended that they need to clean up their act, both Assad and Putin — not the other way around. It is unreasonable to pretend that they are actually fighting the same people we are and to pretend that they are while they slaughter their own people ‘in the fog of war’ is simply unacceptable. Assad is an enemy of the United States and our values. That is why we have a policy that calls for his removal from power. Even if one does not agree to that, Assad is a huge problem — he is no friend.

Many are calling for a ‘no-fly-zone’ and safe haven to curb Assad and Russia’s aggressions and tyranny. Rohrabacher scoffed, of course, to anyone suggesting we don’t let the Russians kill unfettered as Putin and Assad see fit.

Scarborough had to jump in and cut off Rohrabacher’s microphone when it was evident he was on another filibuster.

From there, the segment simply devolved until Scarborough went to break.

Check out the fiery segment below;

It has become simply jaw-dropping how some on the right are now acting like Assad and Putin are basically good guys who are misunderstood by us. Ironically, the same people who insist we ignore this murder spree are the same ones who can’t get over what (now deceased) Fidel Castro did decades ago and insist we don’t normalize relations with Cuba.

UPDATE: In the last 24 hours, after the publishing of this article, Assad, and his forces broke a cease-fire in Aleppo and began slaughtering women and children indiscriminately. Something to keep in mind while reading the article above and watching the clip. The situation is now being described as genocide by some. 


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com

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