Putin Courts Trump In Their Own ‘Love Actually’ Spoof (VIDEO)

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live included a ‘Love Actually’ spoof featuring Kate McKinnon’s brilliant Hillary Clinton impression. Not to be outdone, of course, there has to be a ‘Trump version’ to counter all that ‘liberal spin.’ Counter it they do, with Trump’s BFF, Vladamir Putin showing up at Trump’s door to win him over. Whereas the SNL sketch was all about Hillary trying to get an elector to change their vote, all Putin wants is Trump’s heart.

Of course, he wins him over.

The sketch recreates the final climactic scene in the movie with Trump and Melania watching T.V. when the bell rings. Interestingly enough, they are watching Melania’s RNC convention speech when they are interrupted. Trump answers and when Melania asks who is at the door, Trump follows Putin’s instructions and reads the card, answering ‘Crooked Hillary.’ Putin’s cards then go on to ‘lovingly explain’ how he sees Trump as his perfect idiot, the one who can help him subvert the U.S. election and dismantle NATO. When he is finished, he instructs the President-elect to make an ‘idiot face’ if he agrees. Trump does not disappoint the Kremlin.

Putin then goes on his way, but Trump cannot resist. Just like in the movie, The Donald chases his new love down the street and they embrace in a passionate kiss — end scene.

While this may be a parody, and certainly worth a few laughs, it does make a larger and more serious point. We, at this point, know that Putin and the Kremlin have been trying to subvert and influence our election process. Many in Washington and all over the nation are calling for independent, non-partisan hearings to fully investigate the matter and find ways to prevent further intrusions. About the only people not calling for it are Trump and his supporters. They see it as an attempted ‘tainting’ of his Presidency even before he takes office. Most calling for the investigation, however, are not claiming any malfeasance by the campaign and believe that Trump should embrace the investigation.

How it will work out is still anyone’s guess. In the meantime, check out the Love Actually parody below and have a few laughs. In these times, you’ll be glad you did.


Featured image via screen capture from the Love Actually spoof video above. 


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