Putin Distances From Trump, Drags GOP: Trump is “Not My Bride”

Trump and Putin Bride and Groom

At a Summit in Xiamen, China, Putin answered a question by painting a strange picture comparing Trump to a bride. Putin was asked if he was disappointed in Trump. He called it a “naive” question and responded saying Trump is “not my bride, and I’m not his groom.”

Republicans take note: Putin immediately took the role of the man in the professed lack of the relationship. It certainly is bizarre that Putin would pose their relationship in this context at all, but nevertheless, let it be duly noted that in such a metaphor they could indeed be in bed together. Humor is a healthy response here.

Here is a parody account of Trump in response:

When pressed further about how he would feel if Trump were impeached, Putin claimed the moral high ground, saying it would be “absolutely wrong” for Russia to discuss domestic U.S. policies. This, even though it’s widely known as fact, verified by public evidence, that Putin interfered in the US election to put Trump where he is now.

That interference is what resulted in the US shutting down Russian diplomatic buildings. Russia responded by reducing the number of US diplomats in Russia, again under the guise of fairness, claiming it was so each country had an equal number of diplomats. Putin said the move by the US was our right, but that it was done “in such a clearly boorish manner” and that it didn’t “reflect well on our American partners.”

Putin has ordered the Russian foreign ministry to go to court over the matter to test the efficiency of the “much-praised US judiciary.”

RT UK posted a video with a transcript of Putin’s news conference comments:

“Regarding frustration and non-frustration, your question sounds very naive. He [Trump] is not my bride and I’m not his groom, said Putin. We are doing state activity and each country has its own interests. Trump follows by his country’s national interests in his activity and I follow mine. I’m really counting on that, the same as the President of the United States was saying, we can find some compromises at bilateral and international problem-solving.”

Business Insider posted a video started earlier in the conversation, in which Putin appears to refer to a Bush-era GOP fail confusing Austria and Australia.

With his references to Trump, one must wonder, is the “Honeymoon” of the Trump-Putin bromance over? That is clearly the message that Vladimir Putin seems to convey here, that there is no “us” when it comes to Trump-Putin, at least not anything binding.

What would your average Republican think of Putin now?

See the video below:

Featured image via Pixabay  bride and groom with Putin and Trump via Wikipedia

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