Polluted Salmon Coming To A Store Near You, Thanks To Pruitt’s EPA

Corruption and corporate demands for short-term profits are threatening world food supplies

Scott Pruitt’s EPA is more of a threat to your health than you might think.

A long-fought battle over mining rights near a major salmon fishery in Alaska has been lost to Big Polluters. Trump’s EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, has cleared the way for nearly half of the world’s supply of sockeye salmon to come from water that will soon be polluted with highly toxic copper and gold mining waste.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

As part of a court settlement with the Pebble Limited Partnership, the EPA agreed to begin the process of withdrawing proposed restrictions on development in the Bristol Bay region…

Jason Metrokin, CEO of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, said in a release that the settlement “calls into question how serious the EPA is about following its mission and fulfilling the purposes of the Clean Water Act.”

Award-winning actor and environmental activist Robert Redford has been fighting to stop the Pebble Mine project since the Obama administration’s EPA released a report that showed that toxic waste from mining operations would cause widespread devastation affecting salmon, wetlands, wildlife, and clean water.

In the LA Times, Robert Redford wrote:

The mining companies… would bring in industrial equipment to crush, grind and process mineral ore, leaving behind up to 10 billion tons of contaminated waste… the toxic chemicals used in copper processing have an ugly way of finding their way into local water and soil. If that happens in this watershed, we can kiss the wild salmon goodbye.

However, Scott Pruitt doesn’t care much about protecting the environment, clean water, or anything else that stands in the way of the corporate exploitation of America’s natural resources.

Emails released just days after Pruitt was confirmed as the Trump administration’s EPA boss revealed coordination with oil, gas and utility companies to crush environmental regulations that cut into their profits.

According to the New York Times:

The impolitic tone of many of the emails cast light on why Republicans were so eager to beat the release. And although the contents of the emails were broadly revealed in The New York Times in 2014, the totality of the correspondences captures just how much at war Mr. Pruitt was with the E.P.A. and how cozy he was with the industries that he is now charged with policing.

Salmon are already carriers of the waste and pollution dumped into waterways. Opening up Bristol Bay to highly toxic mining discharges will only make the problem worse.

As the world’s food supply faces growing challenges, people like Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt are among the biggest threats to sustaining life on earth. Pandering to corporate demands for short-term profits, at the expense of maintaining the ecosystem’s we all depend on, is the epitome of all that’s wrong with unbridled capitalism, government corruption, and pure greed.

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