Police Release Hate Crime Suspect Despite Ties To White Supremacists

The Columbus Dispatch reported the hate crime:

Columbus police say they have no evidence that a brawl between neighbors at a Northeast Side apartment complex was a hate crime.

A 45-year-old Somali woman and a 31-year-old Hispanic woman were both treated at hospitals after the fight Saturday. Allegations quickly surfaced that the Somali woman, Rahma Warsame, was targeted because of her ethnicity, and rumors circulated widely on social media. The Council on American-Islamic Relations Columbus chapter called for police to arrest the man they accused of assaulting her.

But police said it is not clear who instigated the fight and it did not appear to be a hate crime.

“There is no evidence at this time suggesting the incident involved any type of bias which would constitute the incident being investigated as a hate crime,” police said in a statement.

But how much “investigating” did the Columbus police actually do? The suspect who punched Rahma Warsame is named Ricky Boice. Boice is a convicted felon who served time for aggravated burglary and is currently on parole:



According to Warsame, the assailant Boice reportedly shouted, “You all will be shipped back to Africa” before he physically started attacking her knocking several of her teeth out and breaking her nose.

Here is local news coverage of the assault:

But that’s not quite the end of the matter.

Ricky Boice works for a tattoo parlor in Columbus called “Dudleyz Tatt2ooz” which is owned by Darrel Dudley Ross:

Above is Boice’s Facebook cover photo and background. As you can see in this screengrab (below) from his timeline, Ricky Boice is friends with both Darrel Ross and a woman who also works at his tattoo parlor that goes by the name, “Aryan Oppenheimer”:

Aryan isn’t much of a grammar or spelling expert but she does like being ‘Aryan’ a lot:

Here is a clearer image of Aryan’s face with what are affectionately called “lightening bolts” by Nazis who idolize the Waffen SS:

Both Aryan and Ricky Boice work for Dudleyz Tatt200z and they’re not exactly shy about their white supremacists beliefs. This screen grab is from a couple of weeks ago on the now deleted page that was taken down by Facebook after these Nazis started threatening people on their page who left unfavorable reviews:

Here is another one of Aryan’s posts showing her “Aryan pride”:

She might be trying to poison everyone with irony since Oppenheimer is a prominent Jewish surname. That’s not all. Here is a picture from Darrell’s timeline:

And here we have the suspect Ricky Boice defending the tattoo shop, it is hard to see this as anything other than confirming that he is one of Darrell’s “posse”:

And here we have Aryan showing more of her deep-seated hatred for anyone that is not, well, white like her:

After a troll storm hit Dudleyz Tatt200z, some other white supremacists came out of the woodwork:

Here we have Jonny admitting they are “separatists,” a term used by racists who are not able to admit that they are racists. They just want to keep races separate, because they really aren’t equal:

Columbus police said there was no evidence that the attack on Rahma Warsame was a hate crime. When a man works with this many white supremacists and self-proclaimed nazis, and the information is this easily available it makes you wonder how they came to such a conclusion.

These two women who do not meet the false and fading racist views of white supremacists were attacked by a person that not only happily works with them, he defends them. But, there is no evidence it was racial? The pieces don’t fit. Rahman Warsame deserves justice.


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