Police Brutality, The Never Ending Story (Video)

While we’re focused on the atrocities being committed in Syria, the atrocity of police using excessive force on unarmed African Americans continues unabated.

This is a clip of Columbus, Ohio police officer, Zachary Rosen, stomping on the head of Demarco Anderson while Anderson is already handcuffed, on the ground and no longer a threat. Please note that officer Rosen continues this unwarranted attack even though he knew he was being taped. Law enforcement officers have become impervious to the cell phone video, since, even with this damning evidence, officers are rarely convicted of any crime. But I’m sure cop apologists are already digging into Anderson’s background looking for any legal infraction with which to justify the cops inappropriate behavior. Simultaneously, they’ll find, and post, lots of pictures of the cop. With his wife and children. In church.

Police overreach isn’t new. It’s been going on for years. Between 2015 and 2016 1,392 African Americans were killed by law enforcement officers. Very few ever had to answer for their deeds.

But even with videotape and eyewitness testimony, only two were convicted of manslaughter. The charge of murder requires a federal intervention.

Most confusing is the cop apologists who, when faced with overwhelming evidence of police wrongdoing, defend the officer. Why innocence of an African American suspect so difficult to comprehend when an FBI study showed that white supremacist groups have been infiltrating law enforcement since 2005. It is a problem that must be stopped. 

Check out Officer Rosen in action below;

The only way people like Rosen can be stopped is if we keep shining that bright light on his nefarious ways. He may have walked in the past and might appear to think he is invincible now. It is up to us to keep that light shining until actual justice is served.

Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com 

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